Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress Showdown – Which is the Best?

One is an all M-Foam solution; the other is an innerspring masterpiece! But what’s the better deal for you? The ideal solution for your slumbering needs? Well, let’s all find out with our brand new Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress review!Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress

Catering to an all-new and exciting niche of budget premium sleeping/resting solutions, both Puffy Vs Aviya mattresses are promised to offer the pinnacle of comfort & pleasure – in fact, they’re two of the best-selling online mattresses, ever! But wait, poles apart in both design & features, “do you know which is the better one for you? Capable of fueling your finest extraordinary sleep experiences?”

Sure, it’s a hard one. And yes, there’s a lot to chew here. But don’t worry! We’re here to help – or better yet, our well-informed, brief “Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya mattress” is here to help!
Well then, let’s get started!

Puffy Vs Aviya – A Review For The Ages, Literally!

You see, both are Luxury, premium options, and both do incorporate ultra bleeding edge technologies designed to improve the overall comfort of your “zzz” experiences –  yup, with many reporting them to be even better than any all-foam, hybrid made mattresses out there currently – yup, there’s clearly a lot to go crazy  about these two awesome Puffy Vs Aviya mattresses!

But wait, there’s (like always) a catch!

You see both priced pretty similarly, whether Aviya Vs Puffy, you’re guaranteed to get a solid comfy mattress, no doubt about it. But (and this is a big but, guys) they’re also notoriously versatile in their construction & execution, fit, feel & support as well – clearly making the choice even a lot harder to take!

Well, not anymore! (Yes, we’ve made sure of that)

Breaking down both “Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress” in our review/comparison, together let’s take a closer look at their goodnesses, digging deep in to their features, perks, quirks, prices, etc.- yup, everything you’d ever gonna require to make an informed, educated & a “need-fulfilling” perfect choice!

Well then, what are we still waiting for?

Let’s get it started!

Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress –Here’s A Brief Overview

Arguably, the most versatile set of beds we’ve ever reviewed, there’s undoubtedly a lot to consider about both Puffy mattress Vs Aviya mattress – And guess what? That’s exactly what we’ve done with our highly comprehensive comparison on them both – breaking them down both to better help you get the perfect bed for all your sleeping needs and slumbering preferences!

But wait! Before we get into all the “review” stuff, here’s a quick overview as to what both the Puffy Vs Aviya mattresses are all about – their branding, history, goals, etc.

Aviya Mattress – Brand Snapshot

An ‘online-only’ company known for their Innerspring, “Hybrid” mattresses, Aviya made beds, especially their innerspring-based models are currently the toast of the town – with many being often employed across the likes of luxury hotels, flats, etc…

With three firmness options to choose from + a special build that helps to bring the powers of “plush” to an otherwise supporting architecture, the Aviya Mattresses are not only super cozy but are plenty tougher too! In fact, it’s a lot pressure relieving. And since cooling, increased airflow is also maximized, it can further keep you cool all day long – a welcome addition considering they’ve also didn’t really skimped out on extra comfort either.

A solid core that’s rendered with a slew of high endurance, supportive, pushback pocketed innerspring, their, mattresses are also well known for their quilted breathable cover – soft supple with dust & microbial resistance built in, it’s also machine washable – yes, a spectacular combo offering limitless slumber perfection!

Aviya Mattress – Pros

  • Eco-friendly materials, components, and construction – Certi-Pur & Green Certified
  • High quality, pressure sensitive “Marshall Coil” system with maximum airflow & bounce
  • 3 different firmness options to choose from
  • 100-night “risk-free” sleep trial with a full 10-year long replacement & refund warranty
  • Great value for money – readily offers a whole $100 off for all first-time buyers

Aviya Mattress – Cons

  • Extremely long delivery time (Typically up to 2+ week in terms of the wait)
  • No hint of memory foam at all

Puffy Mattress – Brand Snapshot

Borne out of a novel notion to turn a cloud in to a bed, the “Puffy” mattresses had first hit the shelves back in 2017, earning much acclaim for its extremely comfy qualities – in fact, it still is (according to a recent online poll) the best, “most comfortable bed in the world!”

Fueled by years of research & crazy development, the Puffy mattresses are crafted out of a pure blend of foam, making their products extremely responsive & adaptive to any body shapes, sizes and weights. It’s cool, it’s cozy. And since the layered construct is also highly pressure relieving & has ample supportive qualities, the mattresses have plenty of great tempurapedic, health-rejuvenating properties as well!

Recommended by “ellen” herself and a constant staple in premium, luxurious hotels, apartments, flats, etc… the Puffy-made mattresses/accessories are also well-known for their “Cloud cover” set up – a quilted, feather-touch “cotton” cover that’s machine washable, flame & microbe retardant and fully dust repellent.

Puffy Mattress – Pros

  • Free Delivery, installation, and care support – all across the whole of US mainland
  • Extraordinary Support & comfort – no matter what the user’s specific body shape, weight or size is
  • Layered custom foam-based constriction with Ample body contouring & adapting capabilities
  • 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty – well ensuring easier, faster returns & replacements…
  • #JumpForKids charity program – frequently donating mattresses for those who are in dire need, especially kids…

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • The edge, perimeter support could’ve been a whole lot better
  • The range of colors & sizes are rather limited (only two models are available as of now)

Aviya Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – The review, Comparison (2019 Edition)

Poles apart in everything – Confused about Puffy Vs Aviya? Don’t know which one’s gonna be the perfect one for you? Craving to know more about their features, pros, cons, etc…?

Well yeah, grab a cup of Coffee & read on to know more about them both in our well-defined, clear and comprehensive “Puffy mattress Vs Aviya Mattress” Review & Comparison!

Well then, read on

# Puffy Vs Aviya – Materials, Build And Quality

Featuring a tried and tested three-layered build (with an additional/transient layer for the Puffy Lux variants), the Puffy Mattresses comes with a height of 10 inches, with 2 inches of Cooling cloud on top for ideal balance, pressure relief & also sleeping cooler. All thanks to its awesome ability to pull heat away from the body – guaranteeing a temperature neutral sleep, all night long.

The middle 2 inches of ClimateControl (a temperature & humidity-regulating panel) foam also works as a transient, absorption layer – a deep comfort panel offering greater weight distribution as well as better contour for larger people & side sleepers.

Finally, the last 6’ inches of a firmer, thicker “core” foam provides an extraordinary foundation (4 times) with support for top layers – making the Puffy mattresses more durable, comfortable and long-lasting than many other 10-inch all foam mattresses, ever!

The Aviya Mattresses, on the other hand, is a “12-inch” mattress with 4 different layers, including three layers of highly durable, contouring polyfoam over a zoned individually pocketed coil system – brilliantly featuring up to 800+ coils of 15-gauge steel in a highly close-knitted format.

Comes pre-fitted with a thick aerated quilted cover, the top mattress layer comprises of a high durable polyurethane layer with 1.8 PCF (again, varies by model). Further, the same goes for the much thicker support layer too (again, made from Polyurethane). Additionally, there’s also a 3 inch, thicker perimeter polyurethane-made “reinforcement” for maximum edge reliability & toughness.

As you’d expect, the mattress does have a much thicker foam made foundation than normal, compensating for the volatile innerspring, coil system, keeping it in a single place – further well maximizing and enhancing durability + convenience.

# Aviya Vs Puffy – Comfort, Fit And Feel

For a product known as the “most comfortable mattress in the world,” the puffy certainly doesn’t disappoint – in fact, it impresses! Scoring a respectable 6 to 7 on the firmness scale, the Puffy mattresses are mainly designed to be pressure relieving – making it ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Nevertheless, it’s best for stomach & back sleepers who like a firmer yet balanced feel. Heck! It can also work amazing for side sleeping, heavier/bulkier individuals too – as the Puffy can deliver plenty of support while still offering ideal “plush” contour.

Suffice to say, there is a lot to love about these mattresses: be it their comfort, firmness, etc… Stomach, side sleepers will feel right at home with them thanks to its plush, soft support keeping your body from unnecessarily bowing. Additionally, since it also features a breathable, organic cotton build, you won’t get hot through the night either – perfect for all those hot, summer, tropic nights…!

A 12’ inch innerspring mattress that’s available in 3 different firmness options: Plush soft, Luxury Firm & Classic Firm, the Aviya mattresses are all about striking the perfect balance between both pleasures and support – and yes, it certainly delivers! Falling at around 6 on the firmness scale, the Luxury Firm is the most popular of the range & is designed to deliver the maximum in both cushion and support – making it plenty a lot extraordinary for back stomach & side sleepers or anyone needing a bit of supportive feel + a dash of extra softness!

Being the softest of the lot scoring a resounding 2 to 2.5 on the firmness scale, the “Plush” variant may be more apt for those who prefer a soft mattress that conforms to then more. In fact, super supporting & responsive, side sleepers are sure to love its comforting qualities & capabilities. Lastly, with a score of 8 on the scale. Have ourselves the Firm variant – a much thicker, heavier take on the classic M-foam designed for serving heavier, bulkier users.

# Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress – Sleeping Cool & Cozy

If you’re looking at some of the top reasons why isn’t someone conveniently able to fall asleep at night, heat, my friend, will certainly rank up there with the topmost ones – well until now, that is! highly, extraordinarily well designed & executed, the Puffy range of mattresses, despite their ample use of memory foam, is highly heat resistant/dissipating, all thanks to the highly aerated, breathable design & “cooling” graphite gel inclusion –  yeah, plenty well promising to better keep you cool & cozy all night long!

Furthermore, the Puffy also comes packed with their latest, innovative “Insta-firm” technology – further helping to drive away the heat from the body. And hey, if that isn’t enough, they have also highly revamped/refreshed their signature Puffy “Cloud Cover”- a quilted cotton-made breathable,  cover that not only helps monumentally enhance the air-flow qualities but also massively helps boosts the heat dissipation capabilities as well, keeping you cool as a cucumber, all night & yearlong!

Like any “hybrid,” innerspring beddings, heat’ retention on Aviya mattresses are truly less of a concern than any all foam mattresses. In fact, it’s one of the most temp-neutral beds we’ve ever tested! Sure, it might get a bit warm after extended usage – owing to the plush pseudo-memory, “polyurethane” comfort layer. But thankfully though, the innerspring design & its aerated qualities mean that it won’t ever get as noticeable enough to be a bother either.

At the end of the day though, much of the Aviya mattress cooling capabilities can be credited to its incredibly soft, comfy, premium quilted handmade cover. Soft, supple & breathable, it also features a well-concentrated layer of cooling gel foam – further enhancing the mattresses cooling properties to the next level.

# Aviya Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Motion Isolation & Edge Support.

You probably know this, but all-foam beds haven’t always had a reputation for having solid edge support. Sadly, it’s still the case with Puffy mattress – albeit not as bad. Rendering full use of the surface, the mattresses edges are strong enough to tolerate light to medium pressures & can even handle general sitting with no problem. Yes, its bit on the plushy side. And sure, it’s not as good as an innerspring model. But if you’re combination sleeper & need reliable, proper support, the Puffy will never ever gonna disappoint you.

Thankfully, the Puffy’s motion isolation – thanks to its all-foam construction – is one of the best we’ve ever seen. More than enough to even deaden an earthquake, the bed’s foam panels quickly & efficiently will eliminate any vibrations – making for very little, if any, disturbances/annoyances when getting in and out of bed, making it perfect for light sleepers, couples, persons with pets, etc…

The Aviya mattress, on the other hand, performs marginally a lot spectacular in motion isolation than puffy thanks to its innerspring-based construction. with over 800+ steel coils working together to better eliminate any vibrations, the “foam pocketed” architecture furthermore ensures that the user’s weight is also gonna be well distributed, guaranteeing thus proper support in every possible body conditions, positions, sleeping habits, etc…

Likewise, the Edge, perimeter support of the Aviya made mattress too are all on a whole other level – thanks to the reinforced 3-mm polyurethane edges. additionally, the well pocketed foam-coated innerspring works well to eliminate sinkage, in fact, there is also a little bit of bounce too – complimented perfectly by a layer of M-foam “polyurethane”  layer on top for max comfort!

# Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress – Values, Guarantees & Return Policies

With a luxurious design, quality materials and an extraordinary constructional build quality, you’d expect the Puffy made Mattresses to be pretty expensive – thankfully though, that’s never the case! Priced anywhere from $675 to 1350, (depending on the variants) the Puffy is very much an affordable choice! In fact, the MRP price itself can be a bit deceiving as the company (aside from discounts offered by third-party vendors, dealers, etc…) by itself typically would have got a few deals, offers or discounts  running on at all times – often chewing away $250 to even $400-off the end billing sheets!

Continuing its affordable trend, there are no extra installation or delivery charges (Currently limited to US Only) and if need be, a white glove delivery too (for an additional cost) can be enlisted. Furthermore, conveniently offering an industry leading lifetime warranty, you’ll also get to enjoy an additional 101-night sleep trial offer – offering plenty of time to test out their beds before really buying them!

With affordability being today’s major theme, the Aviya mattresses too are conveniently priced – costing only $1099 for a Queen-sized model. And you know what the best part is? Like Puffy, there are plenty of deals & discounts for these top, great beds solutions too. In fact, the company itself generously offers a whole $100 off for all first-time buyers!

As you would expect, there are no additional delivery, installation/maintenance charges. Moreover, the industry standard 100-night sleep trial & 10-year long warranty too is plenty present & accounted for. In fact, being an online-exclusive solution, you can also plenty conveniently buy additional add-ons like bed frames, covers, etc… at plenty more affordable prices.

# Aviya Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Delivery, Installation & Off-gassing

A pure “bed-in-box” mattress through & through, the Puffy mattress will arrive in a boxed format, pre-rolled & packaged tightly. And since it’s manufactured entirely in the USA, expect the shipping speeds too be plenty good. Remember, weighing around 72 Pounds (unpacked). It’s always important to have adequate help while undertaking the unboxing, setup process (if you haven’t yet enlisted their premium “white glove” installation program, that is).

An All foam made mattress – yes, chances are that you’ll probably encounter a bit of off-gassing for the first few hours – though it should totally dissipate itself in a while. Nevertheless, if you’ve a sensitive/allergenic nose, its best to give the mattress a full 24 – 48 hours to fully expand & firm-up before sleeping on it.

As far as Aviya Mattress goes; being innerspring, it doesn’t come pre-roll-packed but is rather delivered ‘as it is’ – ensuring that there is gonna be next to no off-gassing, thanks to its USA origin. Moreover, weighing comfortably at around 100lb, installing this mattress is also undeniably a two man’s job – though (like puffy beds) you can always instead choose to opt for their “white glove” delivery if needed.

Designed to work great on a box spring (with or without a frame), an adjustable base, a platform or slated bed – when installing this bed, you’ll definitely require a sturdy foundation that provides a flat, even surface that will support the weight of the bed itself as well as the sleepers. Additionally, the foundation’s height levels too should be perfect in order to help it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Puffy Mattress Vs Aviya Mattress – Our Final Verdict

Plenty suffices to say, either of these Puffy mattress Vs Aviya mattress can greatly make for an awesome choice for your bedroom – there is no doubt about it. Yup, plenty comfortable, supportive, bouncy & therapeutic/medicinal even, this notoriously well-made range of mattresses can serve anyone, no matter their weight, sizes, needs, unique wants, preferences, etc…!

As far choices are concerned though, it’ll all come down to personal preferences, You see, an all-foam product, the Puffy mattress is a lot great for those who’re seeking maximum comfort. It has that signature, highlighting “sinking” feeling. Plus, thanks to the cooling gel panels, the mattress also tend to sleep plenty cool as well. The Aviya mattress, on the other hand, is perfect for support seekers – thanks to its fervent modern innerspring, coiled solutions. And since its porous build also boosts airflow and movement, they are perfect for summer, heated environments as well – guaranteeing sweat free, comfy, cool nights, all year long!

So you see, the onus now falls totally to you: consider your specific needs, your budgets, the features you’re looking for + the level of comfort & supporting you require – yup, use that info to better come to a good, proper decision.

If you have any doubts, worries, or just wanna lend us your recommendations, feedbacks, etc… feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, stay happy & stay rested!

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