Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress – Sleep Easy In 2021 Check Comparison!

Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress – what makes a high-quality new mattress stand out from the rest? Is it the material, construction, comfort, rating, or just the price point?

Perhaps two of the most unique, versatile and endearing mattress solutions out there, both Puffy and Avocado mattresses are true pathbreakers, bringing advanced, luxury features but at a price that’s truly very affordable! Yeah, they are both very cool, comfy, affordable, stylish and yes, they are truly a real treat to sleep in – perfect for every kind of sleepers! Light heavy, deep, yeah, the list is endless…

But, wait! Do you know which one of them is the better pick, Puffy or Avocado? The one that offers the best, top features? Comfort? Convenience? Affordability? The model that should be in your bedroom, TODAY?

Well, that, my friend, is exactly what we are here to find out – all thanks to our top, comprehensive “Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress” review/comparison!

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Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress

What’s This Review Is All About Then?

Puffy Vs Avocado – one is synthetic, the other is all-natural. So yeah, when it comes to these two, it’s pretty hard to say which one of them is the better mattress, seeing how very unique, feature-rich and versatile they are – both bringing a ton lot to the table, albeit in their own little ways…

Obviously, they are both great – but hey, you gotta make a choice; will you want the “Puffy” created by those who took their mattress material quality into their own hands? Or prefer the “Avocado” designed by a company known for taking their user’s health into consideration while crafting every single one of their products?

Well, join me tonight in our ‘Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado mattress” review as I break down and explore everything there is to know about these two amazing mattress solutions, their many differences, their perks, benefits, quirks, their pros and cons and more.

Well then, what are you waiting for?

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A Brief Overview Of The Brands!

The world of mattresses is an ever-changing one, with new brands coming up and old ones exiting, it’s quite a battlefield, with each trying to better stand out from the rest, “out-featuring” and outdoing each other – and hey, guess what? Avocado Vs Puffy too are no exception to this…

With a goal centered on providing non-toxic, natural mattress solutions but at a price that even an average Joe could afford, the Avocado is an American brand catering to the Eco-conscious – offering sleeping aids both recyclable and truly healthy. Handcrafted, their mattresses are notorious for their eco-friendliness. Plus, they are all also hybrids – meaning that with their products, you can always expect the highest possible comfort and convenience – all without ever breaking your bank.

The Puffy models, on the other hand, are all about comfort, convenience and better catering to their user’s needs. In fact, their mattresses, both Puffy and Puffy Lux are our literal “comfort” gold standards! A memory foam fuelled madness, they are ideal for those who like to cuddle, and they are super convenient too, offering support where it’s needed the most – so yeah, no wonder why they are often called as the “internet’s most comfortable mattress!”

Closing The Gap – Yeah, Here’s How We’ll Help You!

Simply put, both brands are equally impressive. They look cool, they feel great, and they are trustable too – yeah, they do both have a ton lot to offer you, their beloved customers! But hey, unless you’re planning to better get your hands on both of them together, the proverbial question, my friend, still stands today: “which is the better one for you?”

Well, guess what? With the help of our comprehensive review/comparison on “Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress” – Well, we believe we can better help you with it….

So yeah, keep on reading to know more…

Puffy Vs Avocado – The Battle For Your Bedroom Starts Here!

Avocado Vs Puffy – Taking two very different approach to mattresses, are you on the bend about whether to pick Puffy mattress or the Avocado? Confused about which one’s gonna be the perfect one for you? Dying to know more about their features, pros, cons, and perks, etc…?

Well then, just sit back and read on to know more about these and a whole lot more in our well-researched, comprehensive “Puffy mattress Vs Avocado Mattress” review.
Well then, read on…

Avocado Mattress: The Nature Specialist!

Eco-friendly, stylish and perfect for your health – With Avocado mattresses, the time has come to better save the world, nature, and yeah, you – all the while having a good night’s sleep…!

Avocado Mattress – The Review

A US-based mattress manufacturer specializing in beds created from eco=conscious and environmentally friendly materials, the Aptly Named Avocado mattresses currently comes in two different variants: the Avocado green – for sleepers with a green thumb. And the more plush, Avocado Vegan – a variant specially dedicated for animal lovers.

Available in multiple, enticing sizes, both of these models can now be bought from their official website as well as a number of other offline retailers. For more info, on availability, deals, discounts and latest offers, feel free to check out their official website…

Build Quality And Durability

Sharing nearly the same exact specifications as well as their top, phenomenal constructional quality, they are both crafted entirely out of recyclable materials, from its covers to the inner steel coils; the whole thing is purely green and disposable – capable of lasting for decades, even several multiple ones…

Plus, they’re “hybrid construction also allows them to be very versatile, offering both support and bounce, as well as, ample temperature regulation – truly, dishing out a nice, balanced mix of support and comfort that you simply can’t ever find elsewhere.

Comfort, Care And Support

Catering to those who prefer support over comfort – Made from pure natural latex, steel coils and an ample amount of cotton to boot, the much firmer Avocado offers plenty of great body support and coziness. And since it also boasts a hybrid, aerated design, heat transfer too will never be an issue, keeping you as cool as a cucumber, always.

Additionally its latex, cotton build also helps to better easily resist against bed bugs, dust mites or even bacteria’s or viruses – perfect for use in bedrooms, hostels, schools, and hospitals!

The motion isolation is quite appreciable. And that goes the same for its edge support too. Plus, the Avocado also doesn’t have any sort of annoying chemical or off-gassing smells or effects, meaning that it can be put to use straight out of the box itself.

Value, Guarantee’s And Care Policies

Priced at around $1400 to $1800 for a queen model, the Avocado is not exactly cheap! Yet, I would certainly say its great bargain – considering the fact that any other latex, hybrid mattresses, featuring the same exact eco-friendliness and qualities, could’ve definitely cost you a whole lot more than these ones, especially when bought offline…

Fortunately, its eye-watering price tag also takes care of its shipping and installation charges too. and for the worriers, the company also does offer a super convenient 100-night sleep trial + a great 25 years long warranty against manufacturing defects – making way for easier returns and refunds should anything ever goes wrong, ever.

You Will Love The Avocado If You:

Want An Eco-Friendly Bed – made from recycled steel, sustainable natural latex, real New Zealand wool and true-cotton, everything about this mattress is as organic as it gets, from its cover to the foams to the coils that are placed inside.

In fact, the Avocado comes with several green tribunal certifications, such as GreenGuard Gold, OEKO-Tex and more to better prove its mettle as a product geared for a greener tomorrow…

Have A Higher Weight Consideration – all thanks to the zoned coil system offering extra care and support where the body needs it the most, the Avocado is brilliant for those with bulkier, heavier body frames, keeping their spine in perfect alignment!

Have A Sensitive Nose – with a commitment made to an all-natural, handcrafted construction, the Avocado is perfectly usable right out of the box itself since there is no noticeable chemical/off-gassing or “flaking” to better deal with….

You Might Not Like Avocado If You:

Are On A Budget – offering a hybrid design built with premium, natural and certified organic materials, The Avocado is slightly more on the expensive side than a lot of the other bed-in-a-box brands out there…

Avocado Mattress – the Pros

  •  A ton of different firmness, thickness and composition options to choose from
  •  Tough, weather resistant and extremely durable – can definitely last you for decades
  •  Fully all organic – made from hypo-allergenic, certified organic and natural materials
  •  Free shipping across the entire US with 100% money back guarantee for returns/refunds
  •  100-night sleep trial with a brilliant 25 yearlong warranty against any and all manufacturing defects

Avocado Mattress – The Cons

  •  Quite on the heavier side – can be a real hassle to better move, clean or even install
  •  Both the support and the Motion Transfer levels certainly leave a lot to be desired

Avocado Mattress: The Verdict

Breaking new ground with a hybrid design geared to offer all – be it cooling, support, pressure relief or quality – but with an eco-friendly twist, there is a lot to love about the Avocado – and yes, with an eye on nature, it’s truly an exceptional product, one that’s definitely worth all your bucks!

You see, with an emphasis laid on the use of eco-friendly, natural materials, the quality of the Avocado is literally unprecedented, from the high-density latex to the pocketed coil springs, it’s sure to stand the test of time and better serve you as such. The motion isolation is nice, and the comfort levels too are quite good. Fairy stiff yet plenty cushioned, the Avocado will work over a range of preferences. And yes, for hot sleepers, it also boasts some excellent cooling properties – perfect for every kind of sleepers, side, back or stomach, no matter the case.

Yes, it’s a bit on the expensive side, especially when pitted against Avocado Mattress vs Puffy Mattress and other similar offerings. But hey, for the many features it offers, especially the eco-friendliness, going Avocado green is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, especially when you’re getting such a great sustainable product that’s as truly, clearly built to last…

The Puffy Mattress: For the Comfort Seekers!

Why live like a man when you can sleep like a god? With Puffy, it’s time to better take your sleeping game to the heaven itself – yeah, much like their super iconic advertisement!

Puffy Mattress – The Review

Promising a sleep experience so comfortable that you’ll feel as though you are sleeping with the angels, the American Made Puffy Mattresses are available in two different models: the Puffy – perfect for the budget-stricken. And the Puffy Lux – a flagship offering geared especially for the luxury, comfort seekers.

Currently limited to Queen sized models only, these two bed-in-a-box, all-foam mattresses are now available for purchase from their official website as well as a slew of dealers/ partners and offline retailers across the globe.

For more info on availability, deals, discounts and latest offers, we politely urge you to better check out their official website…

Build Quality And Durability

Sharing nearly the same exact architecture but with an added comfort layer for the Puffy Lux, the mattresses have an all-foam construction that’s clearly on the premium side. It’s quite durable. And yes, the company also does offer a slew of add-ons like platforms, frames, and adjustable bases through their website – quite literally taking the luxury/comfort aspect to a whole new level!

And if that ain’t enough, the mattress also comes with a super soft, breathable polyester cover featuring a whimsical cloudlike pattern that goes well with the theme. It’s not thick, offering a very soft, plush sensation. Plus, it’s also removable and is machine washable – adding a lot more convenience to the mix.

Comfort, Care And Support

Geared to offer a true cloud experience, both the Puffy models are designed to better adapt and conform to its user’s curves, providing maximum, possible support, especially for the spine. It’s cool, its comfy – thanks to the gel infusion. Plus, since there is also memory foam, you can definitely expect and enjoy its signature comfy, sinking feeling – that too at no extra cost to you!

For an all foam mattress, the Puffy offers surprisingly great Motion isolation. And when coupled with its awesome edge support, you are sure to get a good night’s sleep, no matter what your position is. Finally, as an additional perk, the Puffy also has water repellence baked into it, rendering any water spillages easy to clean. And guess what? This also means that the beds are better immune to dust mites, bed bugs, and other such problems…

Value, Guarantee’s And Care Policies

With models ranging from $795 to $1395, with Puffy “you get what you pay for!” it looks premium, feels just as so. Plus being an ode to its US Made materials and construction, every Puffy is an assurance that you’re getting a quality product that will last you as well as it is intended.

Offering free shipping and installation across 50 different states, Puffy is perfect for all those who are under a budget but don’t wanna compromise on quality nor comfort. Plus, along with their brilliant lifetime warranty, the company also does offer a 101-night trial offer – giving you a ton of time to better ensure that whether or not it’s the one for you…

You Will Love The Puffy Mattress If You:

Need Proper Body Care And Support – designed to better ensure that your shoulders and hips are gonna receive the best support/pressure relief they’re gonna need, the Puffy is ideal for all kind of sleepers – whether they’re back, shoulder or stomach nappers.

Want Exceptional Motion Isolation – With memory materials designed to better help disperse the energy quickly and efficiently, reducing motion transfer along the way, the Puffy is perfect for those with restless partners, children’s or crazy, jumpy pets.

Love The Good Old Memory Foam Feel – With a deep, sinking hug and a comfy cooling experience, the Puffy mattresses are guaranteed to better help you feel just like you’re lying over a classic memory foam panel – but without the typical, hugely obscene price tag.

You Might Not Like Puffy If You:

Want A Bit Of Bounce – want the “pushy” effect of a spring mattress? Have kids who want to jump around? Well, I’d suggest you look elsewhere as Puffy is all about the memory foam experience – no bounce, no point support, only comfort, and care…

Puffy Mattress – The Pros

  •  Free Delivery, installation and care support – across and over the entire US Mainland
  •  Extraordinary Support and comfort regardless of whatever the user’s body shape is
  •  Multi-layer, custom build with dedicated foam contouring qualities for better comfort
  •  101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with unique, multi-faceted coverage
  •  #JumpForKids charity program – donating mattresses for those who are in need, especially children’s…

Puffy Mattress – The Cons

  •  The edge support is not that good
  •  The choice of colors/sizes are very, very limited

Puffy Mattress: The Verdict

Offering a simple design, featuring a neat, essential set of features, there isn’t anything about the Puffy we haven’t yet seen before. Just your average All-foam bead but with a bit of premium thrown in for good measure. It’s cool, it’s comfy, looks great, feels just as much – I mean, come on! What’s there not to like?

The motion isolation is good, and the comfort levels too leave no room to complain. Fairy sturdy but amply cushioned, the unique pressure based design also provides excellent body support from top to bottom – excellent for those suffering from back or joint pains. Plus, it also features a dedicated gel-based layer right beneath its comfort panel, designed to better lead the heat away from your body – keeping you better cool and comfortable all night long.

And as an added perk, the company also regularly donates mattresses to those in need through their #JumpForKids program, focussing on child homelessness – so yeah, something to better help you sleep at night, the joy of knowing you’ve helped someone in need…

Puffy Mattress Vs Avocado Mattress – The Final Say So!

Fundamentally different yet so alike in so many ways – whether it be Avocado Mattress vs Puffy Mattress, these are pretty much everything you need to know about these two wonderfully crafted mattress legends – be it their features, quirks styles or even comfort.

So yeah, With both of them doing equally well to better cater the best of quality and comfort, designs, warranties, free deliveries and more, there is clearly a whole lot to go crazy about them both – but, hey, while it’s always great, having more to fiddle with, it does also make the choice between them even harder to make…

But boy, you’re in luck! Why? Because that’s exactly where our quick n’ breezy, Puffy Mattress vs Avocado Mattress review can come in better handy for all your sleeping needs.

And The Winner Of This Round Is…

Being a competition, there always ought to be a winner. And while the decision was quite hard to make – mind you!

We certainly were able to zero in on our perfect champion – and that my friend, is the synthetic made wonder, the perfect all-rounder, yes, it’s the… Puffy!

Well, let me explain…

I loved the Avocado – I really did! I loved the feel of it, the style and its plenty comfort. And yes, the “eco-friendliness” does earn it some extra brownie points – the only caveat? The obscenely, high price tag! You see, when all said and done, the Puffy feels much more of a better product overall than the Avocado, offering nearly everything that the latter is famous for – plus, all the essentials, sans any gimmicks – but in a better, relatable and more affordably priced package.

Plus, Puffy is also very well known for its many, many philanthropic efforts, like the #JumpForKids program, donating mattresses to those in need, especially to children…

Hey, You Gotta Go With Your Heart…

At the end of the day though, the decision, like always, rests totally up to you. So, try and get to know what you need, what you want and how you want it – and yes, try and root your decision better over it.

Love comfort and convenience? Go with the Puffy ones! Love the nature but don’t wanna compromise? Avocado is the one for you – So, yeah, the choices are ready, but are you…?

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