Puffy Mattress Vs Dreamcloud Mattress – The Definitive Review You Need!

Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud – what’s in a good mattress and why is it such a big, huge decision to make? After all, anyone can easily lie down on just any bed and fall asleep, if they are tired enough, right? Well, WRONG!

In the pursuit of comfort, healthy and restorative sleep, there are many who makes high claims to offer the “most comfortable mattresses” ever. However, there are only a very few – like these two, DreamCloud and Puffy – that can ever hope to back up those hefty claims and to even survive a head-to-head, honest comparison – And needless to say, that’s exactly what we are here to do!

Yes, you heard it right! both taking the mattress world by storm, it’s time to better put them against each other, letting them battle it out – see how they’re gonna fare for you guys, your needs, & your wants!

Between if you are wondering is there any alternative for DreamCloud, check our new post which compares Puffy and Nectar Mattress.

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Oh Mattresses, Thou Art So Fine! – Why This Article Matters?

Puffy Mattress Vs DreamcloudPuffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud – Pitting two of the major mattress juggernauts against each other, it’s pretty hard to say which one of these two are the biggest, most respected and frankly, the better branding out there. Obviously, they are both great – but in their own little ways! Some prefer one against the other. While others are twiddling their thumbs confused about which one to better pick – well, good news peeps! This article is for you, yeah YOU, my sleepy headed friends!

Join me, as I hunt down and explore everything there is to know about these two amazing mattress solutions, their differences, their perks, benefits, quirks, their pros and cons and more – helping you to better pick up your perfect bedding solution, TODAY!

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Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud – Let’s Talk About The Brands!

Wait, wait, wait, before we dive into our comprehensive comparison of the Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud, let’s have a closer look at what makes them the best ones to buy, especially in these overcrowded, multi-featured and extra expensive markets!

With a focus laid on both comfort and support, the DreamCloud brand is known for packing in as many features as possible and offering them to their customers on an affordable, cheaper budget offering everything from exceptional mattress qualities, white glove delivery, extended sleep trial, and even an ever-long warranty to boot – yeah, they are truly amazing!

The Puffy mattress models, on the other hand, are pretty notorious for offering quality comfort that literally goes above and beyond the general norms.

They are stylish, cool, comfortable and are a treat to those prefers to snuggle. In fact, it literally holds the title of being the “internet’s most comfortable mattress” and also have had the distinction of being featured multiple times on the “Ellen” show – yeah, the “Ellen DeGeneres Show!” I mean, how cool is that?

So yeah, As far as their brandings go, they are both unique, super popular, and always does have a lot to offer you, the customers – in fact, the internet is always buzzing about satisfied customers who cannot seem to stop raving about either of these truly awesome mattress models!

Choosing The Better Mattress – We’ll Help You!

At the end of the day though, a few users’ comments, testimonies or a ton of 5 starred reviews may not be enough to you to better pick up the perfect mattress for you.

For that, you’d need the help of a differentiator, something that can help you to compare both of their features, pros, and cons, quirks benefits, the works –  something much very like the help of a Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud review/comparison like the one we have here below!

Well then, keep on reading to know more…

Dreamcloud Vs Puffy Mattress – The War Of The Mattress Titans!

Are you confused about whether to pick Puffy mattress or DreamCloud? Don’t know which one’s gonna be the perfect one for you? Wanna know about their features, pros, and cons, etc…? read on to know more about these and a lot more in our well researched, comprehensive “Puffy mattress Vs DreamCloud” review!

Well then, read on…

Puffy Mattress – For Those Who Love Comfort!

Why count clouds when you can sleep in one? – promising a truly wholesome sleeping experience that’s so very comfortable, with Puffy mattress you’ll feel as those you’re sleeping with the angels, much like what their popular commercial suggests – yeah, they’re that good!

Puffy Mattress – The Review

Available in two different models: the Puffy, and the more premium, Puffy Lux, let’s talk about the latter in our Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud post as it’s their best selling and the most popular one of the duo.

So yeah, just like what its name suggests, the Puffy Lux offers a ton of improvements over its older cousin, especially when it comes to better comfort – and trust me, it makes all the difference!

You see, featuring an additional layer of foam, over its 12-inch multi-layered frame, that’s dedicated to maximizing comfort, the Puffy Lux is exceptionally great for all position preferences and most body sizes, providing ample care, support and comfort for every kind of sleepers, whether side, back or stomach dwellers – simply all thanks to its brilliant “memory-foam-like” hybrid design!

How’s The Comfort…?

Scoring a respectable 8 out of 10 in our top comfort scale, the Puffy Lux mattresses exclusively features one of the best ever motion isolation systems in the business, curtsy of its all form, no-coil, cushioned innovative design.

And in addition, the edge support too is truly brilliant with this one, allowing you to better enjoy your morning wakeups without ever having to worry about any edge sinking effects ever – again, all thanks to its all foam, dense design!

As Cool As A Cucumber…

Temperature resistant, humidity repellent and boasting an iconic design featuring 4 different foam layers, each with its own unique qualities, the Puffy lux mattress is highly aerated and is always kept cool thanks to their patented Cooling Cloud top layer foam – allowing you to better get your good night’s sleep without ever breaking in to a sweaty puddle.

And Additionally, the firm core support will also prevent you from sinking in too far, helping you to better change your sleep positions more quickly and easily (perfect for a light sleeper like me!).

Let’s Talk About The Value….

Typically the cost may not be as wallet-friendly as you think, though it clearly reflects its higher quality materials and design. Still, it’s pretty far less – at least by a couple of hundred dollars – than what an offline store will usually charge for it, considering all the features that come loaded with it.

Fortunately, the overall price also includes the costs for shipping and installation, meaning that you won’t have to dole out any more than what’s necessary. Then there is also the 101-night sleep trial and the no-holds-barred lifetime warranty to consider – yup, there is a lot to process with the Puffy Lux mattresses, a lot!

You Will Love The Puffy Mattress If You:

Are a shoulder sleeper – designed to maximize comfort, the topmost layer would allow for a deeper hug and comforting pressure relief as the imaginatively titled “comfort layer” contours to the curves of your body, supporting it.

Obviously, this is plenty ideal for a lot of sleep positions, especially side sleepers who often experience pressure around their shoulders and hips, preventing deeper sleep.

Want Excellent Motion Control – custom engineered, the memory materials should help better dampen the energy quickly and efficiently, reducing motion transfer to a great degree – perfect for those with restless partners or overenthusiastic pets.

Love the Classic Memory Foam Feel – love to snuggle? Wanna feel like sleeping on a cloud? With a deep hug and a comfy sinking experience, the Puffy mattresses are guaranteed to feel just like the classic memory foam – but without the huge, obscene price tag!

You Might Not Like Puffy If You:

Struggle with Movement – while most sleepers would feel comfortable and well supported on the pseudo “memory foam” setup, the deep hugging sensation may prove to offer some major difficulty for light, restless sleepers.

Puffy Mattress: The Pros

  • Consistent Support and comfort regardless of what the climate is
  • Truly exceptional motion isolation features
  • Uniquely conforming construction with multi-layer build
  • 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with exclusively non-prorated coverage
  • Free Delivery and installation
  • #jumpforkids charity program that donates mattresses to children in need

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • Weak, unreliable edge support
  • The long term durability leaves a lot to be desired
  • The choices are very, very limited

Puffy Mattress – Verdict

So yeah, the Puffy mattress is undoubtedly an excellent choice to consider if you’re looking to get all the benefits of a memory foam mattress but without the overpriced tag. It’s cool, it’s comfy, looks awesome, feels great and can definitely last you as such – what’s not to like?

Fairy sturdy but amply cushioned, the Puffy mattress conveniently includes motion isolation which makes it an ideal option for all types of different sleepers, both heavy and light.

And hey, in addition, the unique pressure based design also provides excellent body support from top to bottom – making it a truly brilliant option for those suffering from back or joint pains.

Finally, Puffy also routinely donates their mattresses for children without beds through their much-acclaimed Jump For Kids program that’s focussed on child homelessness – helping you to better sleep on your new Puffy mattress today knowing that you helped someone in need!

Dreamcloud Mattress – The Perfect All Rounder!

A premium solution but without the premium price tag – Offering a nice, brilliant balance between comfort, luxury, and practicality, DreamCloud is so sure that you’ll love them, they are offering a 365-night, risk-free sleep trial and even a true lifetime warranty to boot – so cool!

Dreamcloud Mattress – The Review

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to sleep on a cloud? Well, if so, you’d be glad to know that you can’t get much closer to that feeling than this! One of the more recent entrants to the whole Mattress arena, DreamCloud, has quickly gained popularity among its user’s thanks to its uber-luxurious nature but offered at a price that’s not gonna burn a hole in your wallet – yes, you heard it right!

Amounting to a total height of over 15 inches and comprising of over 8 different layers, including foam, rubber, coils and gels, each adding its own benefits to the overall fit & feel, maximizing comfort, the DreamCloud is truly ideal for all kinds of sleepers and their needs – offering a nice, well-balanced mix of support and comfort that you simply cannot ever find elsewhere!

Hybrid Is The Way To Go…

As you probably know, the DreamCloud is a hybrid model meaning that it combines the best of both coil mattresses as well as memory form ones – yes, it has the bounce, the cooling effect, the comfort, the perks, literally everything that had made both of them awesome but now in a nicer, better and more affordable package.

Sure, the level of motion isolation may leave a lot to be desired. But, the addition of coils, especially the memory foam coated ones, means that it has one of the best edge support systems in the business, capable of retaining their comfort & shapes even after years worth of usage – truly, waking up on the side has never been this much awesome!

It’s Always The Little Things….

Arguably, one of its major highlights, every DreamCloud models comes with a unique handcrafted Cashmere cover that not only looks quite good but also very practical too, literally doubling its comfort, luxury and softness levels.

Plus, they’ve also added a gel-based layer on the topmost foam which when coupled with its already aerated nature, allow you to keep your cool even in the warmest nights.

Still, want more? Well, the DreamCloud mattresses also come with having a Latex panelling that makes it ultra-resistant to bed bugs and other such problems, even in the long-run – so, you see, it’s always the little things…!

Don’t Break Your Bank…

Competitively priced to better combat the ever-changing industry, you’ll be glad to know that you can get your hands on a DreamCloud Model for a decent pricing – that too including its installation and shipping charges – Quite impressive, huh? Well, not really.

You see, being a new entrant, couldn’t mention the value or how their product is gonna fair in the long run – though it looks quite promising on paper.

Fortunately, you’ll have a full whole year to test them out properly, thanks to their 365-night sleep trial. And if that isn’t enough for you, the company also do offer an “Everlong” warranty – promising to replace your mattress if and defects, any at all, occur within the first 10 years or so…

You Will Love DreamCloud Mattress If You:

Are a restless sleeper – with a design that’s created to better favor quick responsiveness, DreamCloud Mattresses will allow you to change your sleeping positions with utmost ease, offering pressure relief and support for both side and back sleepers – that too with the firmness necessary for most stomach sleepers.

Need a lot more luxury – with a premium design, outstanding features and a truly gorgeous set of “add-ons” like Cashmere cover, tufted design, and even a five-zoned compression system, DreamCloud are as close to premium as you can get, but without the premium price tag!

Are looking for a great value investment – coupled with the companies “Everlong” warranty, guaranteeing lifetime support for these top mattresses, they also come with a 365-day risk-free trial – giving you a full whole year to decide whether or not they are worth your bucks!

You Might Not Like DreamCloud If You:

Plan to use a standardized bed frame – with Dreamcloud, there is a lot of luxury and great features packed into its 15-inch frame. But thanks to that exact same reason, it may also prove too tall to fit into some frames or headboards without making any extra, additional fixes.

Want a removable cover – though the tufted-cashmere cover works wonders to keep the layers in place without the perils of bunching, the cover itself is not removable for cleaning – super annoying huh? Well, I think so too!

DreamCloud Mattress: The Pros

  • Outstanding level of support and comfort with the individual, dedicated cushion points
  • Next to no motion transfer levels (perfect for couples and light sleepers)
  • Breathable, temperature dispersing materials to better keep you cool, always!
  • Lightweight and fairly easy to move and install
  • Free delivery for customers across 48 different US states
  • Super exclusive 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty with minimal fees for owners

DreamCloud Mattress: The Cons

  • Lack of choices – Only one firmness level is available, ever
  • Lacks body contouring – you’ll find no “memory-foam” like effect here
  • Fairly expensive when compared to the competition

DreamCloud Mattress: The Verdict

Screaming premium and luxury at every turn but the price tag itself, the DreamCloud bed looks and feels exactly like what its curious name suggests: a fluffy, white cloud!

Featuring an innovative design aiming to capture all – be it cooling, support, pressure relief and quality – of a hybrid bed, it’s easy to see that a lot of care, thoughts and refinements has gone in to creating them – and yes, with a handcrafted tufts and a cashmere finish, it surely is a step in the right, luxurious direction!

Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive end, especially when compared with other online retailers. However, the pricing still reflects thousands of dollars in savings when compared with their offline, in-store cousins.

So, yeah, there simply isn’t a better deal on hybrid mattresses today than the one offered by the guys at DreamCloud here – no real doubt about it!

Puffy Mattress Vs DreamCloud – What’s The Takeaway?

Well, there you have it! This is everything you need to know about these two truly wonderful mattress solutions. Undoubtedly, there is a lot to love about them, be it their features, style or comfort, the list literally goes on and on, also making the choice very hard to make – And needless to say, that’s exactly what makes this Puffy Mattress vs DreamCloud comparison/ review so very, very relevant to your sleeping needs!

Very much alike but totally different in so many ways, it should be noted that our comparison between Puffy Mattress vs DreamCloud ended up being more of a very close photo finish – with both of them well upholding their reputation for offering quality and comfort, featuring innovative designs, lifetime warranties, free deliveries and more…

And The Winner Is….

Nevertheless, this here is a competition. And being so, there always has to be a winner. So, yeah, I was to pick a model over the other, I’d probably choose the Puffy made mattress to be my champion – and hey, it’s not without good reason!

You see, the DreamCloud is undoubtedly a brilliantly constructed hybrid mattress solution. Firm, comfy and supportive Truly, it’s plenty comfortable, sleeps cool and are a great option for those with back & spinal problems.

But the Puffy mattress, on the other hand, excels much, much better by offering pretty much everything that the DreamCloud offers, but in a nicer, comfier and better package  – excelling well at providing the most, possible comfort and support and appealing much better to the widest range of needs and individuals as possible!

The Choice Is Up To You…

At the end of the day though, the key here is to know what you need, what you want and better make your decision upon it.  Love comfort and snuggling? Go with the Puffy made ones! Prefer more support and firmness? You can’t go wrong with the DreamCloud models – So yeah, the decision, my friend it’s totally up to you…

So, yeah, choose wisely – your body and mind will definitely thank you!

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