Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress – Health Meets Comfort, 2021 Review

Undoubtedly, both comfort and health are keys to a goodnights slumbering’s. This is exactly why puffy mattress vs MyGreen Mattress is going work for a great comparison, especially since both of them represents the pinnacle of their respective genres!Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress

You see, while the Puffy mattress was the result of a man’s desire to experience how it would feel like to sleep on a cloud, the top My Green Mattresses, the world’s premier “anti-allergenic” bedding, was born out of a doting father need to care for his allergenic daughter. Clearly, universes apart in both construction & design – with one being full eco-friendly while the other is as synthetic as it gets – there’s a whole lot to chew here, especially when it comes to their differences, comfort, support, pushback, prices, qualities, etc. – but hey, as far as choices go, here are a quick few questions:

Much loved & feature packed, which amongst these two brilliant mattresses is gonna be the right one for you? Capable enough to fulfill all your unique & specific needs, preferences to the max? All the while not destroying your budgets?

Suffice to say, it’s a tough choice. And yes, there’s a lot to consider here. But worry not! We’re here to help – or more clearly, our highly, lot- comprehensive “Puffy Mattress Vs My Green Mattress” review is here today to help you out!

Well then, let’s get started.

Puffy Mattress VS MyGreen Mattress – Brand Overview (Pros & Cons)

Well designed to paint a clearer picture about 2 of the most unique & versatile mattresses we have ever reviewed here at our Sleephook.com, our review will help you better choose amongst them – how? Well, by comparing all their features perks, quirks, prices, etc…- yeah, everything you’d ever gonna require to make an informed, educated & a “need-fulfilling” perfect, ideal choice!

But wait! Before we dig into all the “reviewing” stuff, here’s a quick snapshot as to what both the Puffy Mattress Vs My Green Mattress are all about – their brands, history, goals, perks, etc.

My Green Mattress – The Brand Overview

Founded by a father with a daughter suffering from severe allergies/breathing problems, the top Range of My Green Mattresses are all designed to be eco-friendly – dedicated to a cleaner, antibacterial experience for all their customers, users, etc…

With three different mattress options to choose from: a coiled, innerspring model, a hybrid as well as a proper all-foam mattress solution. There is also a dedicated line up of “green” products delivering the ultimate in support – simultaneously helping to diminish allergens & materials so you can rest easier. And since it’s also an all USA Company, with “indigenous” productions, material sourcing & assembly, the level of quality & goodness of their products too are well-exceptionally unmatched & unbeaten!

An extraordinary brand + rendered with a slew of high grade environmental, materials and components, their mattresses are also highly regarded for their Green guard certifications – soft, supple and kid-friendlier qualities incorporated, it’s also highly durable – an outstanding combo offering exceptional sleep perfection!

My Green Mattress – The Pros  

  • Eco-friendly, Green-Pur Certified materials with highly Hypoallergenic qualities – perfect for both eco and health conscious individuals
  • Dedicated zonal support capabilities with multiple firmness, supporting solution to choose from
  • Natural cotton made breathable quilted cover with organic built-in flame & heat resistance
  • Top of the line cooling properties with enhanced “gel-fueled” heat & moisture repellent qualities
  • Affordability at its finest – premium, luxury quality fit & feel at truly non-purse breaking prices

My Green Mattress – The Cons

  • Exceedingly firm and thick – the MyGreen beds might not appeal to plush, comfort-seeking side sleepers
  • Fully organic and fresh, the long term durability of the mattresses are pretty much hearsay

Puffy Mattress – The Brand Overview

Arguably, the single best, biggest, most popular all-foam based mattress/bedding solution, Puffy had hit the market in late 2017 promising the finest in body support and care – yup, delivering a sleep, resting experience worthy of angels, kings, etc.

With a signature all-foam construction with a real “memory foam” experience, the Puffy mattresses are available in two different options: the Puffy (the Classic M-foam bedding) and the Puffy Lux (the absolute exceptional in pure comfort). Cooling, comfy & extremely adaptive & contouring, both of these mattresses are designed to furnish you with the finest, comfy & supportive nights possible. And thanks to a “heat” dissipating layer, expect the goodness to last you through the nights as well, even across tropic, hot climates!

Clearly, for a brand known for making the best “most Comfortable mattress” in the world, the firm certainly hasn’t left any stones unturned. In fact, they’ve also had conveniently kept their signature “PuffyCloudCover” intact – bringing extra comfort with its classy, soft and well-aerated qualities, perks, etc

Puffy Mattress: The Pros

  • Luxurious, three-tiered build with Memory Foam infusion & dedicated form contouring capabilities
  • Graphite cooling gel & fully aerated design – Ensuring max night-time comfort, even across the warmest weathers
  • Free Delivery, installation and care support – across and over the whole of US Mainland & Canada
  • Convenient 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with hassle-free, “no questions asked” returns
  • #JumpForKids charity program – freely donating care & help to those who are lesser fortunate, especially kids

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • Sheer lack of choice – Currently limited to only two models, choices aren’t really puffy’s strongest suit
  • Heavier, bulkier individuals may find the “Puffy” Mattresses to be too sinking or limiting

Puffy Vs MyGreen Mattress – Breaking Down The Best (Full Review)

Breaking down two of the most outstanding, versatile mattresses we have ever used at Sleephook, confused about whether Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress? Want to know the outstanding choice for your needs? Need to know more on their features, quirks, qualities, etc…?

Well then, feast your eyes on & read on to know more about them both in our well-researched, richer and top comprehensive “Puffy Vs MyGreen Mattress” review & comparison!

# Puffy Vs My Green Mattress – Materials, Build And Quality

Often catering a signature, gorgeous “three-tiered” build (with an additional comfort layer for the Puffy Lux Variants) the Puffy mattresses typically has a height of 10 inches, with the first 2 being a custom, dedicated  CoolingCloud foam – a flagship “comfort” layer promising great balance, pressure relief & even cooler nights! Thanks to its outstanding capability to evenly disperse our body heat – guaranteeing cozy, temperature-neutral nights, all year long!

The Middle layer, as you probably would’ve guessed, is a transitional/adaptive foam paneling providing further weight distribution as well as contour to larger & side sleepers. A 2-inch transitional adaptive, it’s also both humidity resistant as well as better temperature regulating. Lastly, we have 6 inches of enhanced, firmer, thicker foundation base layer – weather, water-resistant & much durable; it’s also 99% more responsive, making it much better more long lasting & comfortable than any other 10-inches!

In stark contrast to the Puffy, the excellently eco-friendly MyGreen Mattresses, on the other hand, are available in three different bed options: a hybrid, an innerspring as well as an all-foam – Though we’ll only be considering the All-foam (obviously!) today. The all-Latex MyGreen Mattress “Hope” also, like Puffy, features a 3-layered build that’s mainly made out of Dunlop Latex – a fully organic, totally well environmental-friendly material that’s both extremely pressure relieving as well as hypoallergenic.

Comes pre-fitted with (again!) an organic quilted cover, the MyGreen Mattress Hope’s top layer is a n aerated one with 2 inches of plush, foam fitting Dunlop, whereas the center or “The Core” is specifically reserved for a 3′ inch Dunlop layer for max support & better push-backing capabilities. Finally, the mattresses 3’rd layer of 3 inches Dunlop is designed to better, further feel firmer and supple – in order to well provide the necessary firmness & stability needed!

# My Green Mattress Vs Puffy – Comfort, Fit And Feel

As far as pure comfort goes, both these 2 Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress are crazy good in that particular regard – albeit in their own respective ways! Scoring a respectable 6-7 on the comfort scale depending on your size, still, the Puffy mattress can work exceedingly well across a range of sleeping types. In fact, it’s recommended for both stomach and back sleepers as they may prefer a firmer, supportive feel. Furthermore, it can also work amazing for side sleeping, heavier personals too, as the M-foam offers lots of plush while still delivering the right firmness levels.

Multiple tiered, the top layer of the Puffy helps to evenly distribute/dissipate the user’s weight and since it also has cooling benefits all thanks to the quilted cover & gel infusion, you won’t run the risk of heating up either. suffice to say, with the great combination both materials and design, especially the aerated format, the crazy “Puffy” all-foam mattresses are sure to please many, if not all.

This may surprise you but when it comes to comfort, the MyGreen Mattresses might be an even better performer than Puffy thanks to the sheer verity of the range. Scoring a top “7” on the firmness scale, the “Hope” is certainly on the firmer side, making it perfect for both side and stomach sleepers. There is minimal sinkage, allowing easier change of positions. And since the all-foam MyGreen Mattress is also well aerated, sleeping “hot” shouldn’t be a bother either, even in tropic warmer climates.

That said, the major star of the show here will probably be its environmental, healthy build. With an emission-free, natural construction with hypo-allergenic qualities, The “MyGreen Mattresses” can extraordinarily serve you on many accounts, be it pressure relief, injury recoveries, rejuvenation, etc… – all the while ensuring better environmental-friendliness at its best!

# Puffy Mattress Vs My Green Mattress – Sleeping Cool & Cozy

At the end of the day, heat dissipation is something that both manufacturers have really cared about during the designing of these two versatile beds – and yes, it definitely shows! In the case of MyGreen Mattress, the top comfort Dunlop layer has an aerated quality and is excellent in boosting proper ventilation. And since all the mattresses are also on the firmer side, with minimal, no-bounce contouring qualities, they also don’t trap heat or moisture at all, ensuring sweat free, cooler nights all day long, even across the warmest, tropical weathers.

Stylishly enhancing the mattresses temp-neutral qualities, the MyGreen Mattress also comes with an organic, wool made quilted bedding cover. It’s soft, it’s cozy and since it’s supple & breathable, not to mention, non-limiting, it also prevents burn ins – thus further promoting cooler, cozier, slumber experiences…!

Despite being primarily crafted out of a certain material notorious for its heat-trapping qualities, the Puffy mattresses are some of the most coolest (literally!) beds out there, thanks to the incorporated “CoolingCloud” layers – designed to draw the heat away from the body using a dedicated convection & conduction method that’s multiplied in effectiveness by the graphite fueled cooling gel mixed cotton covers, panels, etc…

Furthermore, while the Plush comfort layer hugs your body in all the right places, the firmer core means that there is ample (read enough) reinforcement & toughness – meaning that you can sprawl comfortably on top and never feel stuck or trapped. Furthermore, since their extraordinarily great classic Puffy “CloudCover” is also being stretched to avoid potential bunching, a lot of the “heating” from them too is significantly avoided. Suffice to say a revelation on all foam mattress & accessories, be it Puffy Vs My Green Mattress, they both are a great choice for anyone who prioritizing sleeping cool & is highly intent on buying only an all-foam solution too!

# My Green Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Motion Isolation & Edge Support

If you’re someone who frequently shares your mattress, both Mygreen Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress are the right ones for you, all thanks to them being all-foam in nature. In fact, the Puffy beds, with its well extraordinarily crafted design is also a great vibration resistant, repellent as well. And with the topmost layer of “memory foam” complimenting the firmer inner core to give you a soft hugging feeling, reducing the “vibration” transfer levels. Undoubtedly, the “Puffy” made mattresses are clearly the perfect choice for every couple, those with pets, kids, companions, etc…

As far as edge support goes, the Puffy, for its price, certainly doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s more than enough to get the “job” done, rendering, complete use of the entire surface. Yes, it’s a bit on the “plusher, cushioning” side. And yup, it’s not yet as good as a hybrid or an innerspring either. But if you’re combo-light sleeper & need reliable comfortable support, don’t ever feel the need to look further than these gorgeously/cleverly made Puffy beds!

The MyGreenMattresses, on the other hand, is truly extraordinary when it comes to its perimeter support – as the firmer, thicker “Latex” architecture ensures next to no edge sliding. Plus, since they’re also tapered & reinforced with ample Dunlop as well, there is no real substantial sinking either – exceptionally great if you’d like to sit on the edges while getting ready or to get up or go to sleep for the night!

With an ultimate contouring quality, the green made mattresses/accessories further eliminates any movements. Plus, the. Motion isolation too is quite a lot phenomenal here, as the “Latex” paneling better helps to absorb & eliminate the vibrations before they snake their ways to the body – therefore plenty guaranteeing perhaps the most rejuvenating nights of your lives!

# Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress – Values, Guarantees & Return Policies

With both the mattresses exhibiting a universally appeal-able & transferring comfort levels, it’s only fair they’d be affordable too – and guess what? They sure are! Priced from $795 to $1395 varying on the sizes, the Puffy at first may seem like rather an expensive slumbering solution. Thankfully though, with various promotions, deals & offers, you can easily save up to $200 or $300+ on checkout, chalking it up to a more affordable territory. In fact, offered along with it, there’s also free shipping & installation too!

Making the Puffy even sweeter, the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and if that isn’t enough, there is also a top 101-night sleep trial as well for easier hassle-free returns – giving you furthermore reassurance/guarantee that you are getting a truly quality product that will last as it is intended

With a grand selection designed to cater to every sleeping styles, preference, the Mygreen Mattresses are not only super eco-friendly but is also plenty convenient too! Priced knowingly from $829 to $1299, depending massively on the sizes (king, queen, etc…) these eco-friendly mattresses comes pre-packed with free shipping and installation. Furthermore, you can also find (like puffy) plenty of promotions, offers, and deals that can help you lessen the impact on your wallet, often well deducting up to $250 to $400 on checkout.

A truly responsible firm, the company does offer a 100-night trial policy with hassle-free returns. In fact, the returned mattresses also need to be cleaned up as they’ll be donated.  Finally, there is also (like all environmental friendly beds) a 25-year long limited warranty which covers certain issues, with the product being repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion.

# MyGreenMattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Delivery, Installation & Off-Gassing

The last step in the long process of purchasing a bed, delivery, and installation too is important as there can be a lot of things that can ruin the experience forever. With the Puffy beds being an “all-foam” mattress solution, it’ll get delivered in a standard bed-in-a-box fashion, pre-packaged & compressed. Thankfully, since its USA made, the delivery is quite satisfyingly fast. And even though weighing in around 72 pounds, the beds are rather easy to set up – though you might need a friend’s closer assistance. Then again, you can always opt for their “white-glove” delivery to do away with the hassle altogether

As far as sheer off-gassing goes, the Puffy does emit a considerable/noticeable amount of it, though it will probably wear off in a few days or even hours. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that the mattresses be given a few days (preferably 2 to 4 days) to fully expand & firm up before employing it.

In the case of MyGreen, the Mattresses will show up in your doorsteps in a pre-rolled, packaged (again, like Puffy) condition, making it easy to transport. Taking anywhere from a fortnight to one week depending on where you live, the mattress weighing in around 90 pounds is rather heavy. In addition, since it is also quite floppy, the MyGreen Mattresses will definitely require your friend’s assistance if you’re personally setting it up. Fortunately, the “white-glove” delivery & installation is available for these too – meaning that they’ll come and install the mattress in your behest & even take away the old ones too (for an additional fee, of course)

As far as “off-gassing’ is concerned, it’s quite minimum but is quite noticeable nonetheless. Therefore, it’s advisable to let the beds aerate & fill (taking anywhere from a few hours to a day or two) before starting to actually slumber on it.

MyGreen Mattress Vs Puffy – The Conclusive Verdict

Needless to say, whether you’re getting the Puffy Mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress you can’t go wrong with either of these models. In fact, we’d even recommend going for both of them – alas! Only if the prices allowed it! Highly versatile & different, be it their architecture, construction, features, perks, etc…, there is a lot to consider about both of these mattresses – yes, that’s exactly what our Mygreen Mattress Vs Puffy Review is all about!

Undoubtedly, not once to ever mince quality, both of these two extraordinary mattress have bought their A-Game to the arena. While the Puffy offers the finest in sheer comfort, thanks to their M-foam well-inspired construction and build bringing on the fresher, more outstandingly “sinking” feeling. Whereas the popular MyGreen Mattresses, on the other hand, takes the Eco-friendly route with its firmer, more non-allergenic compositions, offering yet better maximum supportive/comforting at its behest. Other considerations include firmness, thickness, delivery, off-gassing, etc…

Clearly, with either of these models, both Puffy mattress Vs MyGreen Mattress, you’re sure to get more than what you have bargained for! therefore, therefore, it’ll all come down to your specific personal preferences: consider what you need, your wants & what you are expecting for the prices – then try & utilize the info to ideally, perfectly zero in on you’re top bedding of choice!

If you have any doubts, need help, or just wanna lend us your recommendations, feedbacks, etc…, feel happy to spin us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Till then, stay rested & stay healthy

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