Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress – The Battle For Your Bedroom Starts Today!

Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress – No two sleepers are ever alike, and yes, all have their own different needs & preferences. But hey, the mattress that works for the most is bound to be the champion, right? – well, not really…

Hey there, chances are that you’ve probably have heard the names Nectar or Puffy before. After all, they are two of the most popular Mattress models on earth! But, wait! Do you know which one’s the better one? The mattress with the best, possible comfort? The one that’s… say, well-worth your hard-earned bucks? Well, that’s exactly what we are here to find out – all thanks to our brilliant and comprehensive “Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar” review/comparison!

Yes, you heard it right! Redefining the art of sleep for millions, it’s time to better let them loose against each other, letting them fight it out – see how they’re gonna work for you guys, your needs & your wants!

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So, what are we waiting for?

Together, let’s get this great show on the road!

Hey There, What’s This Review Is All About?

 Arguably, the biggest, most promising mattress solutions out there, it can be a real hassle to better choose amongst them seeing how much “brilliance” they both bring to the table! Sure, they are both equally great – but, hey, you can only ever have one! For some, the choice is easy.

While others are still batting their heads together wondering which one’s the better pick – well, worry not! My sleepy friends, this article on Puffy vs Nectar is here to better help you out…!

So, yeah, keep on reading to know more about these two immaculately-made mattress solutions, their many differences, benefits, quirks, and their wonderfully curious pros and cons – all helping you to better zero in on your perfect mattress solution, TODAY!

So, are you guys ready?

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Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress – A Great Branding Is Everything…

Wait, wait, hold your horses! Before we dig deeper into our brilliant comparison/review of the Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress, I thought it would do better to have a closer look at them – from a brands POV, of course – to better figure out what makes them the best out there, and why they’re so – wanna know why? Because the better a brand name is, the better it’s quality and comfort is gonna be!

Sure, Nectar may not be old as some of the other players out there. However, the brand more than makes up for it by offering some of the best, insane levels of comfort and features you can ever hope to find – that too at affordable prices! Plus, hey, dishing out everything from fast, white glove delivery, extended 365-night sleep trial, and even an ever-long warranty – yeah, they really do know how to better make their customers happy, always!

The Puffy mattress models, on the other hand, are all about catering to their customer’s needs – offering quality & comfort that literally goes above & beyond the typical norms.

In fact, they hold the title of being the “internet’s most comfortable mattress”. And hey, guess what? They even do boast the rare honor of being featured on the “Ellen” show, yeah, the friggin “Ellen DeGeneres Show!” – I mean, how cool is that!

Quite obviously, As far as their name/brand values are concerned, they are both unique, trustable, and always does have a whole lot to offer you, the customer – however, at the end of the day, is their brand name alone is enough to better warrant them a spot in your bedroom?

Well, certainly not…

Choosing The Better Mattress – Here’s How We’ll Help You!

Being a highly subjective decision, there is only so much that a few customers’ comments, posts or reviews can do to better help you pick out the perfect mattress for you.

For that, you’d need the help of a catalyst, something to better help you compare and test both of their features, pros, and cons, benefits, the works – something very, very much like the help of a Puffy Vs Nectar review/comparison, like the one we have conveniently presented here below!

Wanna know more? Wanna know what’s it all about? Well then, keep on reading to know more…

Nectar Vs Puffy – Wanna Know The Best? Let’s Find Out!

When it comes to mattresses, you simply cannot ever do better than Puffy or Nectar – that’s a promise! But hey, don’t you wanna know more about them? What they are offering? Their features, pros, cons, etc…?

Well then, read on to know more about these and a whole lot more in our comprehensive, multi-tiered and exhaustive “Puffy mattress Vs Nectar” review!

Well then, read on…

The Puffy Mattress – Comfort, Redefined!

As light as a feather and as comfy as a cloud, With Puffy-made Mattresses, you are sure to get a sleep that’s worthy of the heaven – yes, very much like their iconic advertisement!

Puffy Mattress – The Review

Checking all the right boxes when it comes to comfort, support, and reliability, the “Made in USA” Puffy Mattresses are available in two different models: the evergreen Puffy, and the more premium, Puffy Lux. But hey, for the sake of our Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress review though, let’s talk about the former as I feel it’s the model that better represents the brand “Puffy” as a whole – in fact, it’s their best seller too!

You see, featuring three very distinct layers –including the all-important MF top layer – over its 12-inch lighter frame, the Puffy is all about maximizing comfort.

In fact, endorsed by “Ellen” herself, it has everything: Temperature resistance, humidity repellence, an iconic design, innovative build, comfort, support, and the “all-American” durability – yes, with Puffy made mattresses, there is always something for everyone, whether they are a heavy, light, restless, or a crazy, deeper sleeper!

Comfort Has A New Meaning…

Beautifully crafted, the Puffy Mattress is our current gold standard for Comfort – yes, it’s that good! Featuring a thick layer of memory foam infused with heat repellent gel, the mattress is not only plenty supportive but is also very cool to sleep in too – all thanks to their aerated panels and patented Cooling cloud infused layer foams – keeping you cool and comfy always, even in the hottest, toasty nights…

Care & Support At Its Best…

Plus, the mattresses exclusively features one of the best ever motion isolation systems in the business And hey, the edge support too is truly phenomenal with this one, allowing you to better enjoy your morning coffee without ever having to worry about any edge sinking effects, ever – simply all thanks to its better, all foam, dense and supportive design!

Still, want more? well, you’ll be glad to know that the firmer core support will also ensure that you won’t be sinking in too far into the mattress, effortlessly helping you to better adjust your sleep positions more quickly and easily – super-helpful for a light, alerted sleeper like me!

Let’s Talk About The Value….

Costing around $1500 for a Queen sized model, sure, the Puffy is a bit on the expensive side Still, I’d definitely say it’s a bargain – considering how very expensive any other similar mattresses would’ve been be had we bought it from an offline store, especially if we had wanted all the same great features as the Puffy!

Thankfully, the final price reflects the costs for both shipping and installation too, ensuring that you won’t have to shell out any more than you’d have to. and yeah, then there is also the case of their brilliant 101-night trial and alife time warranties – facilitating easy returns and hassle-free replacements should something ever goes wrong!

You Will Love The Puffy Mattress If You:

Want Proper Body Support/Alignment with a new design ensuring that your shoulders and hips gonna receive the best support/pressure relief it needs, the Puffy is ideal for all kind of sleepers – no matter they’re back, shoulder or stomach nappers!

Want Top-Notch Motion Resistance – with dedicated foam panels designed to quickly absorb and eliminate vibrational energy, the Puffy is perfect for those with restless partners or jumpy, cuddling pets – ensuring a totally good night’s sleep, always!

Prefer The Real Memory Foam Feel – love to cuddle? Wanna feel like floating through the sky? With a top, dedicated layer of high-quality memory foam, the Puffy mattresses are truly guaranteed to better help you sleep like a king!

You Might Not Like Puffy If You:

Are Looking For A Bouncy Sensation Love the pushback effect of a spring mattress? Crazy about jumping around? Well, I suggest you better look elsewhere as Puffy is all about the typical memory foam look and feel – yes, with the sinking/melting effect and all!

Puffy Mattress: The Pros

  • Consistent Support and comfort across all its entire surface
  • World-class, reliable motion isolation qualities
  • Multi-layer build with dedicated foam contouring properties
  • 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with unique non-prorated coverage
  • Free Delivery and installation – across the whole of USA
  • #JumpForKids charity program – donating mattresses for those who are in need, especially children’s…

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • The edge support leaves a lot to be desired
  • The long term durability is quite questionable
  • The choice of colors/sizes are very, very limited

Puffy Mattress –Verdict

A truly wonderful choice to consider if you want all the perks of a real memory mattress but without the typical, crappy price tag, the Puffy, especially the Puffy Lux, is incredibly cool, looks brilliant, feels amazing and can definitely last you as such – I mean, what’s there not to like?

As comfy as ever, the Puffy comes with having one of the best ever Motion isolation systems in the business, perfect for all sorts of sleepers, whether heavy or light. And hey, featuring an exclusive comfort layer that doubles up as a pressure spreader, designed to better offer the maximum, possible support to its user’s body – the Puffy is also truly perfect for all those with back issues, joint pains or crampy necks…

Finally, as an additional perk, Puffy also regularly donates their mattresses to those who are less fortunate through a charity called Jump For Kids, focussing mainly on child homelessness – so yeah, with Puffy in your bedroom, you can soundly sleep today knowing that you’ve helped someone in need!

The Nectar Mattress – the Affordable Champion!

A luxury offering with a “not so” luxury price tag, with the feature-packed, evergreen Nectar Mattresses, the time is finally nigh to better redefine the way you sleep – affordably forever!

Nectar Mattress – The Review

Packed to the brim with great, excellent features but priced to better meet the masses, The Nectar is the new Kid on the block, trying to appeal to a new age of spec-loving millennials.

It looks awesome, feels great, and certainly has a nice “Swiss army knife-like” feel to it, packing in and offering so, many great qualities – yes, the Nectar is a real pathbreaker. And guess what? It’s also an affordable one too!

Sized around the ‘Puffy” itself but featuring 4 different custom layers instead of 3, including plyfoam, memory foam and layered gels, the Nectar is designed to better cater to everyone’s needs – offering everything (and more!) you’d want from a premium, luxury mattress but at a price that’s never gonna blast a hole in your wallet!

Truly, A Well-Balanced Solution…

When you get on it, perhaps the first thing you gonna notice about the Nectar is how firm yet plush it feels. Yes, It got the signature sinking effect. But it also offers ample support for those who need it – thanks to its firmer, thicker lower layers.

The motion isolation too is quite commendable. But at the end of the day though, the star of the show will probably be its cooling properties.

You see, armed with a dedicated gel infused layer as well as a plush, aerated lower panel, the Nectar, with its ultra-low heat retention, is guaranteed to keep you as cool as a cucumber, always! Additionally, the top layer of the Nectar is also covered by a breathable, super-soft tensile cover – literally quadrupling it’s it’s cooling properties and comfort levels, taking both of them to the next, best level!

An Additional Perk To Go…

Typically speaking, edge support has never been the strongest suite for an all-foam mattress. But, hey, the Nectar pleasantly surprised us with its own, yes, there is still some compression.

But it feels quite safe/ supportive too – so much so, you can easily spend hours over it, never worrying about any indentations, ever at all.

Sure, this may seem like a trivial feature. But hey, for a guy like me who spends half my every morning sitting on the edge reading, browsing or contemplating – yes, it truly is a very, very big deal!

Affordability At Its Best…

Priced at around $699 to $999, the Nectar is what we would call a true “flagship killer.” And yes, it really is a killer all right!

offering premium reserved features like real memory foam, greater edge support, gel cooling properties, hand-made cover and more at price that’s so very low its literally unheard of, Nectar is perfect for all those who are under a budget but don’t ever wanna compromise neither on quality nor comfort – a true “bargain” by every means…!

What’s more, along with their brilliant lifetime warranty, the company also does offer a spectacular 365-night trial offer. Yeah, you heard it right! A full whole year to better try them out before buying – I mean, come on, how crazy convenient is that!

You Will Love Nectar If You:

Want A Good Night’s Sleep, No Matter The Position – with a custom design catering to nearly every sort of sleeping positions, the Nectar, with its uber comfy nature, is perfectly ideal for all, especially for both odd couples and restless, combination sleepers…

Love Memory Foam – if you prefer feeling like you’re slowly melting into the bed or love the comfy, deep-cradling hug of MF, Nectar is surely the perfect one for you – offering all the perks of a memory mattress but at an affordable, easy-on-the-wallet level!

Need A Bed That Keeps Its Support Over Time – crafted using multiple layers of resilient foam with comfy, gel-infused layers in-between, the Nectar is guaranteed to last you for many years to come – perfectly keeping their support and comfort all along the way!

You Might Not Like Nectar If You:

Prefer a traditional, innerspring feel – created with memory foam to be better supportive and more comfortable, the Nectar doesn’t offer the same bounce and comfort that the innerspring beds are known for – look elsewhere if you want the same…

Have a sensitive nose – although it should quickly dissipate in a couple of days or hours, the Nectar does have a considerable amount of off-gassing, or “new mattress smell” when it’s get unpacked for the first time –  And yes, it can be quite off-putting for many!

Nectar Mattress: The Pros

  • Breathable, non-heat retention materials to better keep you cool, always!
  • Outstanding level of support and comfort with a dedicated layer of high-quality memory foam sheeting
  • Next to no motion transfer levels -perfect for both couples and light sleepers
  • Lightweight, weather resistant and highly durable – can definitely last you for even decades
  • Spectacularly brilliant 365-night sleep trial + lifetime warranty with minimal regulations

Nectar Mattress: The Cons

  • There is ever only one firmness level available
  • Lackluster edge and corner support
  • The non-removable cover can be quite annoying sometimes

Nectar Mattress: The Verdict

A jack-of-all-trades but a master of none – from its design to features to its plenty levels of comfort, there is a lot to love about the Nectar Mattresses. Its crazy good, the construction is great, the style even more so – but is it worth your bucks? Well, definitely yes!

Offering a fair bit of contouring and gel fuelled comfort, the Nectar mainly caters to those who wanna just jump into a bed and get to sleep – and boy, does it delivers! It has all the perks!

Motion isolation, lower heat retention, the ample firmness, hugging effect, the works – yes, everything you’d expect from a luxury MF mattress but at half the prices…!

My only concern? Well, it doesn’t really have that “Made In USA” feel to it. and for that same reason, I can’t really comment about how good its durability is, or how well its gonna held up overtime – guess it’s a necessary evil considering how very cheaply it retails in…!

Puffy Vs Nectar – The Final Takeaway

Phew, that was quite a long read, wasn’t it? Well, in any case, be it Puffy or Nectar, this is everything you need to know to know about these two wonderfully awesome mattress solutions.

Two great products from two truly amazing companies, but what’s the better one for you? – Well, that’s exactly what we have tried to answer here with our Puffy Vs Nectar comparison/ review!

So Very alike yet so different in so many ways, please know that our comparison between Puffy Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress ended up being more of a truly close call than anything – with both of them doing equally well to better uphold their penchant for offering quality and comfort, innovative designs, lifetime warranties, free deliveries and more…

And The Winning Crown Goes to…

But hey, this here is a competition, and like every competition, there ought to be a winner too! So, yeah, if I were to choose one of this mattress solution over the other, I’d definitely pick the Puffy made mattress to be my bedding for the next decade or so – And wait, let me just explain!

Don’t get me wrong! I loved the Nectar. I loved the feel of it, the style and its comfort. And yes, it has its own appeal, though much of it has to do with its low price points.

But, hey, when the push comes to shove, the Puffy feels much more of a complete product overall, offering everything that the Nectar is famous for (plus, all the main essentials) but in a fairer, relatable and more sensibly priced package.

Plus, they are also made in the USA – yup, it doesn’t really mean anything, but oh boy, the term does have a pretty nice ring to it!

Hey, You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It…

At the end of the day though, the decision, my friend, is totally subjective. So, try and get to know what you need, what you want and how you want it – and hey, try and better base your decision upon it.

Love comfort and style? Go with the Puffy crafted ones! Want more features and support? Look no further than the Nectar models – So, yeah, make your choice wisely – both your body and mind (and your wallet!) will definitely thank you!

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