Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Comfort against Comfort – Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna mattress, accessories! Which is the better one?  The ideal niche for all your nightly needs? Well, let’s all find out with our well comprehensive Puffy Vs Nuvanna Mattress review & comparison!Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress

A couple of years ago, there were only a few “bed in a box” all mattresses/beddings brands that people were really familiar with – like the Casper & Purple, Nectar, etc… but wait, that isn’t the case anymore! revolutionizing the All-foam niche forever, two of the biggest all-foam made brands that’ve emerged in the last few years is both Puffy Vs Nuvanna, bringing unimaginable comfort to the arena, redefining ultra comprehensive quality support, care, etc… – yes, the perfect all-foam beds in the market right now, period!

Nevertheless, how do these 2 brands compare, not only to the other brands but directly against each other? What are their powers? The features, qualities, quirks, etc…? and more importantly, which of these two mattresses, Nuvanna Vs Puffy is the right perfect one for you, your needs & preferences, wants, etc…

Confused? Well, we’ve got all the answers for you!

Pitting two of the “biggest” names in the business, read on to extraordinarily know more about the top best. Two all-foam, mattress, beds (ever!) in our great Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna mattress & accessory review & comparison (2021)!

Puffy Vs Nuavanna – What Are We Addressing Today?

Nuvanna vs Puffy – seems rather simple, isn’t it? Well, not quite…

You see, nearly well identical in design and qualities, featuring extraordinarily the same three-layered construction, covers, and even price levels, choosing amongst them can be hard, especially when the preferences of a personal kind are involved.

Like any good review with a heart of gold (foam? Coils?), the extraordinarily phrased bedding review we have here today will address the obvious age-old question of “which is the better one?” by comparing their perks, capabilities, qualities, etc…

In fact, we’ll also touch extensively upon the matters of their plenty comfort & pleasure, qualities, motion, edge support, etc… well, both delivery/installation too.

Well then, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get cracking…!

Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress – A Brief Overview

Two sides of the same coin, there isn’t that much that differs or differentiates between them. In fact, a single glance alone will not gonna tell you anything – yup, you gotta go deeper, much like what we’ve exceptionally done with our review & comparison on both “Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna mattress” review!

But wait, before we get all pre-occupied with all the mattress comparison/review “stuffs,” here’s a quicker, brief overview on everything you’d need to know on them as brands…!

Nuvanna Mattress – Brand Snapshot

A brand created to deliver the utmost best in both recovery and rejuvenation, Nuvanna doesn’t really break “new ground” rather perfects what’s already there – making them perhaps one of the most “well-comfortable”, cozy beds we’ve ever tested…!

Available in a single firmness option that’s gonna appeal to an “outstanding” range of sleepers, both side stomach & back, the triple-layer bed, the Nuvanna Mattresses follows the tried & tested, comfort maximizing all-foam build – delivering ample pleasure and comfort where they’re needed the most! In fact, the mattresses patented “Nuvanna Progressive Support System” also ensures ample sinking & solid pressure relief without being too limiting or “plushy!” – A truly mean feat considering its M-foam inclusion!

Maximum comfort offered with the least possible compromises, the mattresses firmer core & cooling properties guarantee a balanced fit & feel throughout the nights. And making things easier, the whole thing furthermore comes wrapped in a Tencel cover – making it also one of the most sanitary ones out there!

Nuvanna Mattress – the Pros

  • Eco-friendly, Certi-Pur certified materials, components & build – perfect for both the health + the earth!
  • Aesthetically appealing design – yes, one of the most stunning beds we’ve ever reviewed, period!
  • Extremely comfortable and supportive – thanks to the Polyurethane & Lycra Build and Memory Foam Topper
  • Spectacularly brilliant 365-night sleep trial + lifetime warranty with minimal regulations
  • Massively convenient 100-night sleep trial with a superior 10-yearlong warranty
  • Affordability at its best – undoubtedly one of the cheapest, all-foam premium, luxury mattresses out there,

Nuvanna Mattress – the Cons

  • Limited to only one Firmness option
  • There is absolutely no sign of bounce or pushback – Memory Foam lovers will be disappointed

Puffy Mattress – Brand Snapshot

The reigning champion of the all-foam arena – the Puffy mattresses had hit the market in late 2017, earning much acclaim for its superior comfy qualities – in fact, it’s “the” most widely used mattress in the country right now!

With a signature 3 layered build that’s infused with m-foam & heat dissipating gels, the Puffy mattresses doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort, delivering one of the most comfortable, adaptive & well contouring beds in the Biz. It’s cool, it’s plush & since the airy, firmer “core” also offers ample pressure relief & support, the mattress is also tempurepedic &-medicinal too – facilitating faster recovery, proper care, and rejuvenation!

Yes, for a bed that’s known as (according to a survey) the “most comfortable mattress” in the world, the Puffy certainly doesn’t disappoint – and guess what? Much of it can be attributed to its stunning & extraordinary “Puffy CloudCover – a signature a quilted, feather-touch cotton cover that’s machine washable, flame and microbial retardant/resistant & fully dust repellent.

Puffy Mattress – The Pros

  • Extraordinary Support & comfort – no matter what the user’s specific body shape, weight or size is
  • Layered custom foam-based constriction with Ample body contouring & adapting capabilities
  • Free Delivery, installation, and care support – all across the whole of US mainland & Canada
  • 101-night sleep trial period & lifetime warranty – promising easier, faster returns & replacements…
  • #JumpForKids charity – regularly donating mattresses & monetary aids to help for those in needs, especially kids…

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • Laughably bad edge & perimeter support
  • The range of colors & sizes are quite limited (only two models are available as of now)

Nuvanna Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – the Full Comparison (2021)

Two of the biggest names in the All-foam arena – hey, are you “flabbergasted” about Puffy Vs Nuvanna? Don’t know which one’s gonna be the perfect one for you? Craving to know more about their capabilities, qualities, pros, cons, etc…?

If yes, then go grab a cup of Joe & read on to know more about them both in our well-defined, clear & comprehensive “Nuvanna mattress Vs Puffy Mattress” Review & Comparison!

Puffy Vs Nuvanna – Materials, Build And Quality

Peddling their familiar, signature, three tiers build (with an additional/optional comfort layer for the Puffy Lux) the Puffy Mattresses typically measures around 10 inches, with 2 inches of “CoolingCloud” paneling delivering ample balance, contouring and their  classy, everlasting cool – promising 8X more airflow and drawing heat away from the body, especially limbs. All by using its convection & conduction qualities infused over it!

Termed “ClimateComfort, the 2 inches of the secondary or inner layer is responsible mainly for ensuring proper comfort & support – with it being firmer (regulating sinkage) and also having both “humidity and temperature” resistance built into them. In fact, much firmer & thicker, the paneling also offers greater “weight distribution” and increased adaptability for larger & side sleepers too!

Lastly, 6 inches of hard, toughened foam makes the foundation – comprehensively offering proper support to the body. In fact, featuring an “insta-firm” new technology, its 4X more supportive and 99% more responsive too – making the Puffy more durable, comfortable and longer -lasting than many of its competitors!

Another three-tiered masterpiece, the “Nuvanna” beds plenty extraordinarily hits 10 inches, albeit divided into three different top “core” purposes. The first layer, as you would’ve guessed, is cooling one,  guaranteed to keep the temps neutral while you slumber, thanks to the infusion of gel particle in its fibres.

Dedicated to limiting motion transfer, the firmer 2nd layer will comprehensively limit your movements from transferred across the whole surface (though it doesn’t do much else). The final layer (a sixer) exceptionally help to improve support by offering a “Nuvanna progressive support system” (NPS) that prevents you from sinking too far while slumbering happily over it

Nuvanna Vs Puffy – Fit, Feel And Comfort Level

With a shout out from Ellen herself & often termed the “most extraordinarily appealing mattress in the world,” the Puffy mattress not only impresses – but dazzles us! Scoring a top 6-7 on the comfort scale depending on your size, the Puffy mattresses are all about pressure relieving, serving across a slew of sleep styles. In fact, it’s perfect for both stomach and back sleepers as they may prefer a stiffer, supportive feel. Furthermore, it can also work brilliantly for side-sleepers too, as the topper “CoolingCloud” offers a lot of contours while still offering the supportive you need.

While the second ClimateComfort layer adds even more deep comfort & a cozier plush feel, the signature “Puffy CloudCover” better helps furthermore maximize it, delivering even more adaptability for nearly all sleeping positions. And since there is also an “Insta firm” paneling fantastically fueling a slower responding Memory Foam feel, the mattress will also offer perfect contour to your shoulders & hips + optimal supportive for your back – guaranteeing that you’ll always enjoy a feeling of asleep as though you are on a cloud!

With a universal comfort that earns it a spectacular 6 on the firmness scale, the Nuvanna beds, with their medium-firm feel, is perfect for most sleepers, as it can adjust to most shapes sizes & sleep positions. In fact, with a fantastic build that cradles you a well as facilitates movement, the beds are perfect for back sleepers thanks to the support layers providing exceptional firmness. Heck! It can even perfectly serve side and stomach sleepers too – seeing how firm & cool the topper is (owing to the incorporation of gel fibres).

With each layer bring their own comfort qualities to the table, the Nuvanna bedding’s spectacularly represent the pinnacle of all-foam beds & their comfort in perfection – saying that comfort need not have to be rendered at the cost of function.

And obviously, we loved the Nuvanna for it!

Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress – Sleeping Cool

Shattering the notions that all-foams beds will always be notorious for their heat-trapping qualities, both these mattresses thankfully fuels the best case against it! with the “Puffy,” you’re getting extreme cooling built into them, thanks to the highly aerated, breathable design and “cooling” gel inclusion – Enhancing airflow by 8X & phenomenally limiting heat transfers. In fact, this porous, firmer layer also helps massively with heat repellent – yeah, plenty well promising to better keep you cool & cozy all night long!

Adorned with their signature “Insta-Firm” technology, the Puffy mattresses further comes with their soft quilted-cotton puffy “CloudCover” It’s soft, it’s cozy and since it’s also plenty plush & breathable, not to mention, non-bunching, it also prevents burn in’s, delivering thus a better, cooler & cozier sleeping experiences…!

Despite its conjuncture as full foam made build, with all the heat annoyances that come with it, Nuvanna still remains the coolest of the bunch thanks to a slew of innovative perks. For starters, the first & foremost layer is specially catered to cooling, thanks to the infuse of phase changing “gel” particles working together to evenly disperse the heat that gets trapped within the body and the foam – thus promising a comfier, cooling effect, no matter what!

Wrapped fully in a “Tencel” Cover that works to be breathable and moisture repellent (wicking the humidity away while you sleep), the beds are quiet softer as well. Lastly, the medium firm core layers also outstandingly limit you from sinking too far –eliminating heat pooling & providing more air flow to your body.

Nuvanna Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Motion Isolation & Edge Support

The major kryptonite for every all-foam mattresses, the edge supportiveness and pushback have always been a rather sore spot for these kinds of bedding solutions. Unfortunately, the puffy too are no exception – (though, not as bad!). Well offering complete access to the full whole entire surface, the beds’ edges – while not reinforced – are more than capable/powerful enough to tackle daily usages – yes, even enough to push through a bit of rolling around (wink, wink)!

As you would have guessed, the Puffy’s motion isolation is pretty exceptional here, offering enough to even whether through an earthquake or two. In fact, it’s one of the best we’ve ever tested here at “Sleephook.com!” even better than any “hybrid” or premium-priced beddings out there – yup, you won’t be disappointed!

Yes, the Nuvanna may not offer the best in edge support. But comprehensively speaking, you certainly won’t have any trouble sleeping on any part of the beds either– thanks to their “Nuvanna Progressive Support system.” sure there is a bit of rolling on the edges, But hey, at the end of the day though, the “Nuvanna” should help deliver a smooth, consistent sleep experience – though not as great…

Fuelled by a full all Foam design (a la puffy) to plenty diffuse any vibration energy including motion transfer, the Nuvanna is right up there with the best in this regard. In fact, they’ve even taken a step ahead by bundling the bed with a dedicated layer for it, helping to neutralize/eliminate any motion the moment they occur, making thus the nuvanna beds an ideal choice for couples, kids, pet owners & even combination sleepers.

Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress – values, guarantees & return policies

With a gorgeous design, wonderful materials and an extreme constructional quality, you’d expect these two mattresses to “blow up” your wallet – luckily, that’s never ever the case! Priced knowingly from anywhere north of $675 to $1350, the puffy bedding’s are sure amongst the cheapest out there. In fact, it can get even cheaper observing how enthusiastic they are at delivering (not counting the ones from third-party vendors) special deals, discounts, offerings, and promotions – often eliminating away $250 to even $400-off the lot!

Coming full circle, there are no delivery or installation costs (though currently limited to Americans). And yes, there is even a superiorly handier white glove delivery option too. Furthermore, furnishing you with an industry leading lifetime warranty, you’ll also furthermore get a 101-night sleep trial offer too – offering thus ample time to test them out before really buying them!

Playing the affordability card again, the Nuvanna mattresses and accessories range from $550 to $950 (depending on the variants and sizes), making it one of the most affordable choices in its class. Well, extraordinarily, you can also find plenty (a la Puffy) a lot of special deals & discount for these bedding’s too – though not as well drastic or comprehensive as the former.

As usual, there is a dedicated 100-nights trial period for doubtful purchasers, and along with it, you can also get a top 10-year long warranty against production defects, quirks, etc… as an additional perk, the mattresses that are returned, the company will donate them (free of cost) to a charity in order to help the needy

Nuvanna Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Delivery, Installation & Off-gassing

A true purebred “bed-in-a-box” solution, the much popular “Puffy mattresses will typically be delivered to your doorsteps in a pre-packaged, compressed condition. Thankfully, the delivery speeds too are quite outstanding – thanks to its USA origin. A bit on the heavier side, the installation may warrant a bit of assistance – so, make sure to call a friend out before tackling it. Then again, they also do offer a “White Glove” delivery to help escape the hassles altogether if need be (though you may need to pay an additional fee)

A true all-foam product, you’re bound to encounter some higher, observable off-gassing levels, though it should completely dissipate itself in a few weeks or days, with that being said though,  if you’ve a sensitive/allergenic nose, its best to give the bedding a full 24 – 48 hours to fully expand & firm-up before dozing on it.

In the case of Nuvanna Mattresses, we again have ourselves a pre-packaged, compressed “bed-in-a-box” solution. But unlike Puffy mattresses, a square-ish box gonna be the norm here. Free delivery all across the continental US, setting up the mattress too is quite simple. Just open up the box, remove the plastic and unroll it on to your desired foundations/surfaces & you’re done! (“white-glove” delivery too is conveniently available)

As far as sheer off-gassing goes, the “Nuvanna” mattresses have a considerable level of it, enough to be even noticed – though it’s still not as bad as the Puffy & it should dissipate just as quickly. When these mattresses are installed, just make sure the foundation is sturdy enough to hold the edges from sagging up – yes, other than that, go crazy with installing your newest “Nuvanna” beds!

Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna Mattress – The Final Verdict

One of the toughest assignments we’ve ever tackled, the comparison/review on both Puffy Mattress Vs Nuvanna mattress was also the most “fun” to make! Well extraordinarily feature packed & comprehensively similar, they both frankly, deserve a great place in your bedroom, seeing how much awesome they are in terms of sheer comforting, support, durability, style, etc…

The Puffy, being “comfort delight” it is, phenomenally takes the cake for being the comfiest of the two, whereas the Nuvanna perfectly undercut it with its affordable price & Supportive/pressure relieving qualities. The competition again continues with the covers as well, with both offering flame & dust resistant, breathable, cotton-made wrappings. Both sleep cool, thanks to the cooling gel infusion & with M-Foam qualities present, both also well extraordinarily contours to your body like a dream, offering extreme comfort, support & recovery solutions!

Suffice to say, the “ball” is now in your court: go & consider your preferences, your budgets, the features you’re hunting for & the top level of comfort & supporting you want – yup, use that “kick” to better whip yourself a top, reliable decision

As always, if you have any doubts, queries or just wanna lend us your recommendations, feedbacks, etc… feel free to “shoot” us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Till next time, stay happy & stay rested!

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