Puffy Mattress Vs PlushBeds Mattress – What You Should Know (2021)

The world of mattresses are ever-changing, bringing brand new technologies, variations, comfort levels, perk, features… yes, there is always something exciting for everybody. But hey, there is one thing that’s unchanged forever – the drive for best comfort! Aiming to better redefine what comfort is, Plushbeds are the new kids on the block, well extraordinarily breaking new ground with their eco-friendly, health-based bed solutions. But wait! How does it really fare against the more extraordinarily traditional beds like Puffy? Well, let’s find out in our newest review on Puffy Mattress Vs Plushbeds mattress!Puffy Mattress Vs PlushBeds Mattress

Reviewing perhaps two of the biggest, most popular mattresses/accessories we’ve ever tackled here at sleephook.com, read on for an In-Depth look at what makes them the “perfect, phenomenal addition” for your bedrooms – their features, capabilities, quirks, prices supportive, pros, cons, etc.

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Puffy Vs PlushBeds – Comparing Comfort (2021)

In the Pursuit of maximum comfort, the everyday mattresses extraordinarily have gone through a world of changes over the years: coils, all-foams, hybrids, air, eater, plush, etc… And hey, with the Plushbeds mattresses, the era of the environmental friendly, health, oriented bedding’s are finally upon us, posing a still compete to the more older mattress/bedding solutions, especially among all the health-conscious millennial’s.

But hey wait! We’re not here to dwell on all the newer fancier, extraordinarily odd gibberish’s, rather we’re here to talk about the comfort, especially how these new ones fair against the old.

Putting this case down ones & for all, in today’s Puffy mattress vs Plushbeds review & comparison, we’re gonna be a taking a systematic look at both these two gorgeous mattresses – breaking down all their fantabulous features, qualities, pros & cons, etc… all in a bid to better help you find the best choice for you.

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Puffy Mattress Vs Plushbeds Mattress – The Brief Overview

Let’s face it, the bedding manufacturers have always been a peculiar/curious bunch, often known for throwing around gibberish terms like gel infusion, aeration, etc… just to sell their product. However, branding like PlushBeds vs Puffy are a brilliant exception in that regard as they don’t just go blabber but instead delivers! And guess what? We’re gonna prove it to you!

Breaking down their facades, behind the claims, here’s a quick, freewheeling look at both the Puffy mattress vs Plushbeds mattress models – revealing their goals, secrets, history, etc.

Plushbeds Mattress – Their Story

With a moniker like “plushbeds,” you’d expect their mattresses and accessories to represent the best in comfort. And guess what? They surely don’t disappoint, bringing utmost sleeping pleasure with an environmental, healthy twist!

Available in several variants – a la hybrid, latex, all foam & coiled mattresses, their bedding solutions are world-renowned for their genuine attention to details & their sheer overall quality. In fact, their “BotanicalBliss” range (the model we’re gonna be reviewing today) is the most widely used Eco-friendly bedding’s out there, well beating MyGreenMattresses, Nuvanna & others to the punch! Clearly, the Plushbeds are designed to be a wholesome slumbering solution, one that’s exemplary meant for the whole family – and hey, for their top brilliant pricing, they’re definitely worth it.

Healthy qualities – that’s one of the wonderful reasons why these mattresses are so very loved. Sure, the toughness & reliability are there too. But if you’re looking for the bang for your buck, the PlushBeds are definitely the best way to go.

PlushBeds Mattress – The Pros

  • Extremely high quality, premium design & construction – enough to even last a lifetime
  • Green-Pur certified, Fully organic & highly eco-friendly
  • Industry-leading foam contouring with great motion isolation capabilities & Edge support
  • Exemplary temperature-regulation qualities
  • A standard yet convenient 100-night sleep trial with 25 yearlong warranty – perfect for doubtful buyers
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US and Canada

Plushbeds Mattress – The Cons

  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Mandatory 30-night break-in period with its sleep trial

Puffy Mattress – Their Story

The gold standard in all Foam comfort, the Puffy range of US-made mattresses had first hit the shelves in 2017, and since has never looked back, earning much adulation & love from critics & consumers alike – heck, it’s even featured on the “ellen” as well!

Well available in two different all-foam variants; the Puffy – an extraordinarily supportive mattress, and the Puffy Lux – a premium, extra plush variant meat for the top-comfort seekers, with either of these mattresses you’re bound to get the best sleep of your lives. In fact, perfectly contouring, they’ve also been (multiple times) termed the “most comfortable mattress in the world” too. Furthermore, they’re also well regarded for their many outstanding charitable donations and contributions as well, especially their #jumpkids program that donates aid to the homeless & needy kids.

Besides, with its maximum comfort quotients, plus a greater, personalization qualities & a super warranty policy & convenient delivery & installation, you can’t do better than the Puffy – and yes, that’s a sleephook.com promise!

Puffy Mattress: The Pros

  • Consistent, ample levels of body care, comfort & support – well rendered all across the board
  • Bleeding edge motion isolation & best in class edge support capabilities
  • Signature Multi-layer build with powerful gel-fuelled foam contouring & cooling qualities
  • 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with unique non-prorated coverage
  • Free Delivery and installation – all across USA and Canada
  • #JumpForKids charity program – donating mattresses for those who are in need, especially kids…

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • The perimeter support leaves a lot to be desired
  • As far as options go, there isn’t much to choose from here (with only two models on the market)

Plushbeds Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Review & Comparison (2021)

Phenomenally attractive & feature-packed, both Puffy mattress vs PlushBeds mattress are crazy good deals for their pricing. But hey, you may be wondering which is the better deal for you, the one with all the exceptional perks, quality, etc…?

Don’t worry! read on now for an in-depth review on both these comfy mattresses, revisiting everything you’d ever need to know about them – a la their comfort, cooling, prices, etc…

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# Puffy Vs Plushbeds – Materials, Build & Quality

Featuring a time-tested, all-foam 3-tiered design, the Puffy range mattresses are designed to deliver comfort, nothing else – pure pleasure at its finest! Standing pretty tall at 10 inches, the top 2 inches of the mattresses consist of a special layer called “CoolingCloud” that’s designed to offer max comfort with its M-foam infusion – fueled with ample, breathable, aeration as well. Furthermore, the middle layer, as you’d have guessed by now, is a transitional “insta-firm” foam layer catering well outstandingly apt weight dispersion, guaranteeing that the puffy mattress is perfect for all, every weight, sizes, etc…

At last, we’ve 6-whole inches of polyurethane-made layering for foundation needs, it’s thick, it’s firm. And since it’s highly durable, weather & water-resistant too, expect it to last a lifetime – in fact, the puffy mattresses is known for it! Concluding the construct, we have finally their signature “CloudCover” cotton wrapper, a hand-made, quilted cover infused with cooling gel & fibers.

Constructed from fully eco-friendly materials, the Plushbeds “BotanicalBliss” beds typically features a four-tiered build that’s 9”, 11” or 12” inches thick, depending on the variant. Crafted from pure, New Zealand wool, the first layer is designed to wick away moisture/temperatures as it delivers a weather neutral surface. Whereas the second layer made from pure Latex helps to deliver a premium “buoyant” sensation that’s highly comfortable – in fact, unlike (a lot) many synthetic blends, it readily gonna offer ample back, stomach and orthopedics support.

Under that lies a thick layer of APRICO Organic Latex core, a thick vulcanized foam panel that’s gonna offer a solidly supportive feel with a lot of resistance to sag or body impressions. And finally, the top “BotanicalBliss” bed gets fully complete with a solid foundation that’s crafted out from natural spruce wood, giving you a pressure-relieving/limiting feel unlike any!

# Plushbeds Vs Puffy – Comfort, Fit And Feel

Promising to offer the best combo of comfort & support, the “BotanicalBliss” mattresses will furnish you with 3 very different firmness options: “Soft, Medium and the Medium-Firm,” – all varying from 6-7.5 on our comfort scale. Featuring a fully “latex” build, the soft variant is designed to be a “snugglers-delight,” offering a hugely delightful/comforting sinking. Whereas the Medium helps to better enthrall its users with the perfect mix of comfort & support. A familiar, standardizing fare, the Medium-firm side is extremely tough & supportive. (With non-plushness) making it extraordinarily ideal for both back & stomach sleepers.

In practical use, we found the BotanicalBliss’s latex build to be extraordinarily comfy & pressure relieving. In addition, its unique, buoyant build also helps to cradle the body – relieving any aches and bothers. In fact, the mattress eco-friendliness is also said to have a ton of great & phenomenal healing-properties as well, helping to easily well-relieve all the stresses, aches & pains from your body.

Meant to aid you to fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer, the Puffy mattresses ample use of M-foam ensure that you’ll feel rejuvenated & top-supported, with a sinking-feeling to suit the same. Earning an effervescently cool 6 on our firmness scale, the mattresses are infused with a cooling “gel” layer aside from being well-aerated, keeping the temperatures down, even for extended sessions. And finally, thanks to the wonderfully “firmer” inner layer, the sinkage too is quite minimal – enforcing max comfort all-night long.

Personally, we found the Puffy bed to be more suitable to the side & stomach sleepers as the mattress has enough “sinkage” to help evenly disperse their weight, reducing joint & sciatic pains. In addition, since the mattress also features top-durability, expect it’s comforting qualities to last you a lifetime a well.

# Puffy Mattress Vs Plushbeds Mattress – Sleeping Cool

Incorporating cooling into every layer & niches of the mattresses/accessories, the Puffy’s top layer that’s called “CoolingCloud” works better to keep the heat away from the body, thanks to its gel infusion & the Convection, conduction tech. And, since the mattress also has a proprietary “Insta-Firm” core layer that prevents the body from sinking in too far & accumulating heat, the puffy beds can also keep well extraordinarily cool across the night, even for long extended sessions – thanks to the 8X airflow & porous design.

Heck, even the cover itself adds a level of breath ability that improves/enhances the beds cooling and temperature neutralization made properties. Soft, plush & non-bunching, the “CloudCover” gives the mattresses a premium feel while effectively keeping everything cool and cozy with its fiber infusion – giving the Puffy range of foam made mattresses a distinct fit & feel.

Made completely from a Latex layer known for its cooling, the BotanicalBliss beds further features an aerated build and a porous design that helps with its heat dissipation qualities. And since latex itself is molded to be open-cell, increased airflow is there too.  Sure, there is a bit of warmness when used extensively, but the BotanicalBliss’s environmentally charged build ensures that it never gets too highly noticeable enough to be a bother.

Designed to wick away heat & moisture, the top layer of the “BotanicalBliss” (as stated earlier) is crafted from a blend of wool & cotton, both of which are great insulators & can keep the mattress from accumulating unwanted heat. Lastly, we got ourselves a cool, breathable cotton cover that further helps to increase the comfort with its anti-bunching properties.

# Plushbeds Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Motion Isolation & Edge Support

With a buoyant material like latex, you’d expect the Plushbeds BotanicalBliss to have the worst motion transfer level – but hey, that’s not the case here! Bolstered by the ample use of a thicker core & wool, plushbeds can effectively resist against vibrations & motion transfers from traveling across the surface. In fact, the non-glued top of the “BotanicalBliss” further limits vibration transfer, especially from persons to person – making it perfect for all; be it for couples, kids, families, companions, pets, etc…

Maintaining the perfect level-integrity, the edge support of the BotanicalBliss is one of the best we’ve seen yet. There is no sagging, no real sinkage, even for longer trysts. And as an additional perk, the environmental build also assures better durability, meaning that it can withstand decades of abuse.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Puffy range of mattresses, which like “all-foam” outings, suffers extensively from a rather clear lack of perimeter support. Nevertheless, if you’re on the lighter/medium side of weight, you won’t find a lot of problems with sleeping on the edges as it’s designed to handle it. Sure, there is a bit of rolling, and yes, the “sinkage” too is a bit on the higher side. Nevertheless, try and exercise a bit of caution and restraint, like not overspending/exerting too much pressure or sitting heavily on the edges, and you’ll be mostly fine.

Thankfully, the motion isolation is wonderful here, with layers extraordinarily working great to limit the vibrations from spreading across the bed. In fact, the CoolingCloud layer even goes a step further & completely eliminates any motions as well, packing you up like a cocoon & offering rest while reducing motion.

# Puffy Mattress Vs Plushbeds Mattress – Values, Guarantees & Return Policies

Who said quality has to come at the cost of, well…expense! Comprehensively priced anywhere from $675 to $1350 depending on the model of your choosing, the Puffy mattresses also allows plenty of financing options. There are no shipping or installation costs (like many all online-bedding’s out there). And as an extra perk, their mattresses/accessories are also available for a lot of discounts, deals & promotions too, both from third-party vendors & Puffy themselves. In fact, we ourselves may have got a few deals & coupons lying here at Sleephook.com HQ – read on.

Featuring an impressive lifetime warranty policy, every puffy bed, mattresses also come with a 100-night sleep trial offer – meaning that you will have plenty of time to test them out first. Plus, as an extra perk, the mattresses that are returned, the company will donate them (free of cost) to a charity in order to help the needy.

A rather very expensive take on mattress, the BotanicalBlissn environmental friendly mattresses typically range anywhere from $1099 to $2299 – though it’s justified well by its quality performance & environmental friendliness. Thankfully, there are no additional costs for delivery or installation (for US & Canada only). And though well comparatively limited, you can also further get plenty of deals & discounts for PlushBeds too.

A “made to order” bedding solution, the Plushbeds range of mattresses feature an industry-standard 25-year-long warranty (with the first decade being a non-prorated one). Plus, a 100-night sleep trial for good measure as well. And what’s more! If you find these mattresses not for you, the company also caters fully free returns and quicker replacements too!

# Plushbeds Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Delivery, Installation & Off-gassing

One of the best perks about PlushBeds is that like many other mattress beds today, they too will be delivered right to your doorstep in a fairly small box. Thankfully though, the whole thing is pretty lightweight & easy to maneuver at 60+ pounds. White glove delivery is available, but the installation itself is well straightforward for most novices & newbies – just go on and unroll the bedding on to a proper support, rip off the plastics, let the mattress expand & breathe for a few hours (recommended) & you’re done!

Non–compressed & made completely in the US, The Plushbeds made BotanicalBliss doesn’t really have any major fumes or smells when first unpacked. Nevertheless, if you’re too allergenic, or sensitive, it’s recommended to let it ventilate a for a couple of hours (or days) before slumbering on it.

Slightly on the heavier side at 90+ pounds, the Puffy compressed mattresses will ship in your doors through the FedEx, with most deliveries taking only a “fortnight’ or so – plus, the mattresses will also gonna be delivered free of cost across the whole of Canada & USA. Furthermore, installing the mattress is definitely a two man’s job, owing to its heavier, bulkier frame; then again, a convenient white glove delivery too is available in case you wanna leave it to the experts to handle.

Being an M-foam infused bed, the mattress will have some pretty considerable “new Mattress Smell” but fortunately; it should automatically dissipate itself in a while. But if you’re too sensitive, it’s highly recommended to leave the mattress in an open area and let it properly aerate & be breathable before using it.

Puffy Mattress Vs Plushbeds Mattress – The Final Thoughts

The niche for environmental mattresses are still young, but comprehensively, they’re well on their way to become the next big thing in the sleeping market. Sure, they may not be as good as a traditional/everyday synthetic bed right now but hey, trust us when we say this; they’re the future for our sleep.

Coming to the present, both these two Puffy mattress vs Plushbeds mattress are really interesting – even more so because of their exceptional similarities, both in design & execution. Sure, the “PlushBeds” environmental build does give it some extra points. But hey, the puffy is still the most comfortable of the lot. Both uses memory foam to great effect. And their “cooling” capabilities too are truly magnificent to a point. The Cotton covers on them work pretty well to amplify their comfort & pleasure. Whereas their porous design also helps to monumentally/powerfully increase airflow while adding style. Lastly, their guarantee, warranty policies too are well similar, offering nearly an identically same trials & more.

As such, the main differentiate here is the Plushbeds unique environmental qualities. But hey, “does it alone makes it better than the puffy” well, that’s up to you to decide! So, Consider all that we have reviewed above, consider your needs, your wants & budgets are. And use it to whip yourself up a fantastic choice.

As always, if you have any doubts, worries, questions, ideas, recommendations, feedback, etc. feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, stay happy & stay rested.

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