Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – Review & Comparison (Updated 2021)

These days, bedding options are limitless, with thousands of unique designs & models created with your comfort in mind – be it a polymer grid, classic coils, or a hybrid or even a good old fashioned all M- foam mattresses! Hey, not sure about those last two? Well, let us introduce you to both Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – two best, one of a kind mattresses/beds, for your one of a kind sleep!Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress

But wait! Confused about both Puffy Vs Voila? Don’t know which mattresses to choose?fmatt The perfect addition to your bedroom? One that’s going to fulfil all your needs?

We’ll help you! Redirect your eyes below & read on for an in-depth comparison, review on both “Puffy mattress Vs Voila mattress – designed to make your choice clear!

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Puffy Vs Voila – The Review You Deserve (Updated)

Sure it might seem a bit unfair, with puffy bed peddling a simple, commoner three-layered builds & design whereas the voila goes “fire & fury” with its thirteen layered build & coils – but trust us, as far as pleasure/reliability goes, spec-sheets often don’t tell the whole story, or even get mattered, for that matter

And suffice to say, that’s exactly where this review on “Puffy Vs voila mattresses comes in!

Be it Voila Vs Puffy Mattress – Representing the top cases for their respective genres, it can be hard to choose among them, especially since all the similarities they share on prices, designs & comfort levels, etc… brilliantly making the choice even harder.

Well, say no more! (Yup, we’ve taken care of that).

Cracking down both “Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress” in our top comparison, come let’s take a closer look at their many goodness’s, digging deep in to their features, perks, quirks, pricing, etc.- yup, everything you’d ever gonna need to make an informed, educated & an outstandingly perfect choice!

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Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – The Brief Overview

In a market that’s as saturated as this, brands are more than just a few wordings on a wall. In fact. Nowadays they’re the top dependence/influences in buying decisions, even beating out the likes of quality, features, etc… therefore, we asked: “why not give you, our spectacular readers a quick brief heads up on both Puffy mattress Vs Voila mattress, as brands?”

Aiming to paint a clearer shot on what they are, read on for a comprehensive look (brand wise) on both puffy mattress vs Voila mattress, defining their brands, history, goals, etc…

Puffy Mattress – What’s The Story?

With a score of fan follows & the winner of many, if not all “most comfortable mattress” competitions, puffy is the kind of brand that you can trust without a second thought – in fact, it’s also one of our most recommended all-foams too

With “traditional” design that doesn’t break new ground but extraordinarily evolves what’s already there, the stunning puffy beds are all about comfort, offering perhaps the finest, ever! With a signature puffy “CloudCover” that offers the perfect cooling to the otherworldly supportive “ClimateControl” Core layer, there is a lot to love about the puffy mattresses. In fact, their bedding’s are so awesome; they’ve even got the likes of ellen to root for it!

With hassle-free deliveries, outstanding warranties and a top comprehensive approach to comfort as a whole, appealing to a vast array of customers, you simply can’t go wrong with the Puffy – and that, my gorgeous friends, is the absolute truth!

Puffy Mattress: The Pros

  • Consistent, reliable levels of body care, comfort, and support – all across the board
  • Industry leading, motion isolation & edge support capabilities
  • Signature Multi-layer build with dedicated gel-fueled foam contouring & cooling qualities
  • 101-night sleep trial period + lifetime warranty with unique non-prorated coverage
  • Free Delivery and installation – all across USA and Canada
  • #JumpForKids charity program – donating mattresses for those who are in need, especially for homeless kids…

Puffy Mattress: The Cons

  • The edge support could’ve been a whole lot better
  • The choice of colors & sizes are very, very limited (only two models are available as of now)

Voila Mattress – What’s The Story?

An American brand committed to bettering your sleep, “Voila” breathtakingly spells a new era in multi-layered constructions, weaving an “industry first” 13 layers – delivering what could be the most technologically comfier bed, ever!

Embracing the latest unlike any other, the “Voila” mattresses extraordinarily basks in glory for one thing and one thing only: unfiltered pleasure! Yes, featuring advanced coil arrays, exceptional m-foam comforting toppers and perhaps the softest cover (ever!), functionality and comfort are at their best here – in fact, the voila beds, mattresses/accessories are so very popular amongst hoteliers, apartments, resorts, etc…- you yourself may have already spent a couple of top otherworldly nights over it.

Sheer affordability – that’s one of the brilliant reasons why Voila mattresses are so recommended. Sure, the features & quality are there too. But if you’re looking for the perfect bang for your buck, the Voila mattresses are the best way to go!

Voila Mattress – The Pros

  • Three different firmness options to choose from; Plush, Medium & Premium Firm
  • Outstanding levels of motion isolation & edge support
  • Dedicated 5-zoned spinal alignments for maximum support – perfect for heavier, bulkier individuals
  • “Temperature neutral” design with a porous build for better, increased cooling
  • 100-night risk-free trial & 10-year warranty for maximum convenience
  • Hassle free delivery & installation (white glove delivery too is available)

Voila Mattress – The Cons

  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Abundantly heavy & difficult to move – you’ll surely need assistance if you’re planning to install it yourself

Voila Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Comparison & Review (Updated)

Putting two mattresses that specialize in both cooling & pressure/supportive relief, it can be hard to choose especially when they’re as good as Puffy Vs Voila!

Well then, read on now for an in-depth review on both these extraordinarily cozy mattresses, addressing everything you’d ever need to know about them – a la their comfort, cooling, prices, etc…

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Puffy Vs Voila – Materials, Build And Quality

Walking the traditional road with their “signature,” unique & extraordinarily simple 3-tier design, the puffy bed is designed to feel like a cloud – and yes, it shows!  Standing 10 inches tall (11 on the Lux supportive models) the major highlight of the puffy mattresses will surely be the 2-inches of Cooling Cloud – an aerated, gel infused layer that’s dedicated to offering ideal balance, pressure relief & also better sleeping, slumbering cooler.

With a height of 3 inches, the 2nd layer delivers ample pressure & supportive qualities – offering greater weight distribution as well as better contour for larger people & side sleepers. In fact, it also works spectacularly as a transient layer. Lastly, we have ourselves 6 inches of thicker foam providing an exceptional foundation (4 times) – making these gorgeous bedding’s tougher, comfier & longer lasting than any other competing all-foam beds, ever!

A 13-layered bedding that equals 10 –12 inches in height, Voila Mattresses don’t mince anything when it comes to delivering ample, top comfort – it’s glorious! Fully wrapped within an cotton made aerated/breathable cover, the topmost layer is made out of polyester, with the sides being “mesh” gridded – it’s cool, it’s comfy and since the mattresses also has 3 different firmness options, the “Voila” is phenomenally suitable for every kind of slumbers – be it the sides, back, stomach, combination, etc…

With 12+ layers to chew through, the power of the voila lies in its spectacular construction. Yes, with over 750+ coils powering the support & the awesome memory foam. Not to mention the soft, supple & extraordinarily durable covers, it doesn’t matter whatever be your needs & preferences are, look never no further than the Voila beds to better comprehensively take you to slumber land!

Voila Vs Puffy – Comfort, Fit And Feel

With years of R&D & with a moniker of being the “most comfortable/coziest mattress in the world,” you’d expect the Puffy beds to be awesome – and yes, it is! Scoring a superior 6 out of 10 on our comfortable scale, the Puffy bedding, with its ample memory foam topper, is all about pressure relief & support. In fact, the bedding is perfect for both back & Stomach sleepers, as they will love its lumbar support. Furthermore, it can also cater awesome for side sleeping, heavier-set guys too, as the bed offers ample hip support while still catering the tight supportive quotients.

Designed to perfectly cocoon your body while still delivering extraordinarily the cooling you need, the second “insta-firm” layer ensures that you’ll never feel stuck. And hey, since this mattress also has exceptional cooling, thanks to the aerated cover & infused gel particles, you won’t get hot-sleeping either.

With a stunning design, top features and a never before seen, thirteen layered construction, the “Voila” mattresses rightly represents the future of comfort – and yes, it delivers! Available in three different firmness solutions: plush, medium & Firm, the many layers work together to deliver a solid feel from every angle – while each top-contributing unique properties to make for a very balanced fit and feel. Need proper firmness? The steel 750+ coiled array got you covered! Hey, love to snuggle up? You’re gonna love the M-foam layer!

With the Medium being a standard fair, furnishing a top-reliable combination of both support & cushion, this particular variant is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. Whereas the Plush works best for those who splendidly like a soft, conforming mattress. Lastly, we have the firm option meant mainly for those who need ample support – be it their sides, stomach or back.

Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – Sleeping Cool & Cozy

Hey. If you’re the sort who likes to sleep cool & doesn’t do well on mattresses that trap heat, you are sure to love these 2 gorgeous mattresses, period! With a porous design that helps with airflow and the Puffy mattresses own “Cooling gel” infusion, the puffy sleep exceptionally cooler than a lot of the competition. In fact, all thanks to an extraordinary/dedicated “Insta-Firm” core layer, the Puffy beds also doesn’t retain heat either – promising to better keep you cool & exceptionally cozy all night long!

A Puffy Signature: the quilted, cotton made “Cloud” Cover also exponentially helps to reduce heat and not only by enhancing airflow levels but also by boosting heat dissipation as well – keeping you cool as a cucumber while you sleep.

Streaking well past the puffy beds in this regard, the famed voila mattresses brings with them a unique “mesh – inspired” build, a cooling gel infusion + wonderful aerated cover – all of which works along outstandingly to make it cool as ice! In fact, with individually pocketed coils and the higher airflow that comes with it, the mattress can also breathtakingly keep its cool across many seasons too – guaranteeing awesomely cool nights, all year long!

Sure, there is a bit of heating, thanks to the M-foam layers. But comprehensively speaking, the softness of the cover combined with the soft latex & gel results in absolute comfort – more than enough to well guarantee the perfect sleep for years to come.

Voila Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Motion Isolation & Edge Support

With the edge support being an often underrated, but important aspect, the Puffy gives you plenty to use as far as sleeping area is concerned – core to the edges! Sure, the bedsides may not be reinforced, but it’s strong enough to handle a bit of sitting & rolling without changing shapes. Hey Furthermore, the mattresses also don’t have any sliding – giving you a lot more area to move around & get comfy. Plus, since there’s also a top consistent surface firmness, sinkage too is very low.

Motion isolation is another area where the Puffy excels, as the foam mattresses layer build is quick to absorb & dissipate “vibrations” as soon as they’re triggered – – guaranteeing very little, if any, disturbances/annoyances when getting in and out of bed, making it ideal for light sleepers, couples, persons with pets, etc…

As you’d have guessed, the Voila beds edge support is well comprehensively one of the best we’ve ever experienced – and yeah, we’ve seen a lot. With a superior triple edge support that encases and incorporates the bed to provide a solid, dense edge, the mattress is perfect for side & combo sleepers. In fact, with over 750+ coils & their top exemplary edge reinforcements, the beds are also plenty a lot tremendously great for sitting too, even for longer hours – perfect for all those sleepy, lazy mornings!

Despite the ample use of memory foam, Motion Isolation isn’t, unfortunately, the Voila’s strongest suit. Nevertheless, it’s amazing enough to let you sleep like a kitten all the same. The coils work to well spectacularly deaden movements & with M-foam in play too, this mattress is great for anyone who shares their beds, as there’ll be only a little disturbance when getting in or out.

Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – Values, Guarantees & Return Policies

Sleeping on a cloud has never been this easy! For a tremendously/gorgeously made mattress that’s reliable for the long haul, the Puffy sure is wallet friendly! Priced from $675 to $1350 (well depending on the sizes), the mattress is currently one of the most cheapest all-foam beds out there. In fact, the actual price itself can get even affordable, seeing the sheer great abundance of deals & offers that both the puffy themselves & other 3rd party vendors offer – often chipping a spectacular $150 to $300 off the lot.

As an icing on the cake, the pricing of the bedding includes shipping/delivery charges. And the charge for “white glove” delivery too is quite low. If that’s not enough, the “puffy” also comes with a lifetime warranty & 101-night sleep trial – giving you plenty of time to choose as well as ensuring its quality!

With affordability being the theme, the Voila mattresses too extraordinarily impress – in fact, it dazzles! Ranging from $699 to a bank-busting $1499, there is a Voila for every budget. In fact, with deals, promotions, offers, etc… you can also get these mattresses at an even lower price, often shedding $250 – $300 off the bulk. Additionally, their awesome prices also include the cost for shipping & delivery too – well-meaning that you won’t have to shell out anything extra for your slumbering pleasure.

Spelling an industry average 10-year warranty, the “Voila” bed & accessories further comes with a 100-night sleep trial too. The white-glove delivery is affordable & the same goes for everything else as well – exceptionally quite a standard affair that’s enough to install confidence that this is one heck of a reliable bedding!

Voila Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress – Delivery, Installation & Off-gassing

Like every possible all-foam beds out there, the Puffy mattresses/accessories will arrive on your doorstep through FedEx on a pre-packaged, “Bed-In-A-Box” condition. Do note that the whole thing easily can weigh around 90+ pounds (unboxed), therefore, ensure ample help if you’ve plans to maneuver or install it yourself. Thankfully though, once you’ve got the mattress in place, the installation itself is pretty outstandingly easy – just go on and unroll the bedding on to a support, rip off the plastics, let the mattress expand & breathe for a few hours (recommended) & you’re done!

Being an all-foam, you’re bound to experience some off-gassing. But fortunately, made in the USA with the higher quality Certi-Pur foams, the odor will be very minimal. But hey, if you’re too sensitive, an open window can help speed up the process – though the mattresses real de-gassing/breathing can take anywhere from a day to a full week to be well completed & ready.

As far as the Voila Mattress, we again find ourselves with a pre-compressed, packaged bedding enclosed within a cardboard box (hence the name “bed-in-box”). The delivery is quite swift, with most orders approximately hitting the marquee around a fortnight or so. However, well weighing at around 100+ lbs, an extra set of hands can pretty extraordinarily go long way in installing it. In fact, for an extra charge, a superb white glove delivery too is available.

With off-gassing, you may’ve a bit of trouble at first. But with a breathtakingly in-house design & quality materials, it should dissipate itself in a few days. Nevertheless, if you’re allergic or sensitive, it’s highly recommended you give the voila beds a few days’ time to fully expand & firm up before sleeping on it.

Puffy Mattress Vs Voila Mattress – The Final Verdict

Like we had said earlier, both “Puffy Mattress vs Voila Mattress represents” the best of their respective genres – and to that end, they excel! A perfect addition to every bedroom, if you’re the sort who doesn’t like to compromise and only want the best for your pennies, look nowhere else than these two gorgeous mattresses!

As far choosing amongst them though, well….that’s where it gets complicated. You see, while the Puffy is the comfort master with its superior M-foam infusion & plushness, the Voila beds perfectly counters it with its supportive qualities, with both being phenomenally comfortable to slumber on. Again, the competition continues merrily with their cooling as well, with both being temp neutral & heat dissipaters (albeit in tremendously different ways). In fact, the similarities extend well down to their costs too, with budget being the norm.

Clearly, these beds are geared to serve two very, very different demographics. Therefore, we see its best to recommend them both rather than say one’s best & get it over. That said, the decision, therefore ultimately falls to you – so consider your needs, requirements, your wants, features, etc… and make a top choice over it (though, you’ll be breathtakingly satisfied by both).

If you have any doubts, worries, or just want to lend us your recommendations, feedbacks, etc… feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, stay happy & stay rested.

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