Write For Us

First of all, let me just say thank you to you for showing interest in writing for us – we really appreciate it. as a website striving to put forth quality content that can really help our readers to lead a better, healthier life, we undoubtedly need all the help that we can get – but that doesn’t mean that we’ll publish everything we get.

You see, here at Sleephook.com, we value quality over everything else. And to that end, we do have a certain level of criteria’s and expectations as to how an article should be in order to better make it worthy enough to be published on our website – more on this later.

Do please note that we are always open to guest posting, provided that it meets our quality levels. However, we do not, in any way, tolerate advertisements, link building efforts or any sort of third-party submissions on your behalf, ever!

With that out of the way, here’s a quick look at some of the major guidelines and expectations to follow in order to better get your content published on our website.

Well then, here they are.


As for as topics that we are willing to publish goes, they should be relevant to our current, existing niche – in this case, “sleeping”. It can be about anything, as long as it’s related to our core topic. So, we typically expect articles on and about sleeping, the habits, disorders, products, services, and anything and everything that are related to it.

Do remember that the content should be unique and informative (plagiarism is a big no, no!), like “how–to’s, lists and guides about something – it should be comprehensive, relatable and must always be an easy read.

Do note that we expect and require at least three different topic suggestions to choose from – enabling us to publish only the best of the lot.


Obviously, the content should be fresh, new, exciting and must always be exemplary – meaning that it shouldn’t be plagiarised, have grammatical or spelling errors, and most importantly, it should never ever have contents that may have been published earlier before.

Word counts expectations are subjective, and we expect it to be followed correctly. The content should be a well-researched one – the more the number of proofs, factoids and prime examples, the better!

Finally, the content should be totally SEO compliant, especially when it comes to formatting, heading tags, keyword density, etc… make it a point to draft your content by focusing on a single keyword, and make sure to include as much LSI keywords as possible, all throughout the content.

Additionally, there are also some extra criteria’s and rules to know about involving links, comments, and images, we’ll inform you more about them in due course. Needless to say, any article not following the above guidelines will get rejected on the spot. Moreover, we also hold the right to review, edit or alter the texts or links as we see fit – if there isn’t any objection, that is.